Anwar and Israel: PAS leaders evasive

They say they do not recognise the Jewish state, but are silent on whether they are contradicting the opposition leader.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Top PAS leaders were evasive today when asked if the Islamic party’s stand on Israel contradicted the stand of PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim.

PAS does not have an official stand on the so-called two-state solution to the Middle East conflict, which is supported by Malaysia and in Anwar’s recent controversial statement.

“We haven’t discussed the two-state issue,” PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali told FMT. “The Israel-Palestine issue is a very complex matter. The two-state solution itself is something that is very much in limbo.

“We do not recognise Israel as a state and we stick to our stand.”

Asked whether he thought this went against with Anwar’s stand, Mustafa said: “Anwar is Anwar. We stick to our stand.”

The party’s information chief, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, said PAS would seek clarification on the matter from Anwar at the Pakatan Rakyat presidential council meeting.

“I understand that he has clarified the matter, but we will seek further clarification at the meeting,” he said, adding that the date for the meeting had yet to be set.

He said PAS did not recognise Israel as a state, adding: “The Muslim community around the world does not recognise Israel’s status as a state.”

He did not respond when asked if this was a contradiction of Anwar’s stand.

PAS Youth chief Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi, who twitted on Saturday that supporting Israel was tantamount to betraying the Muslim community worldwide, told FMT the two-state solution was complicated and difficult to realise.

“There are many things to consider,” he said. “Israel will have to hand over land it has taken from the Palestinians, and the issue of displacement of Palestinians will have to be addressed.”

Oppression and pain

He said he would recognis Israel only after it had been subject to international justice and when it had returned everything it had taken from the Palestinians.

Nasruddin told FMT he was not targeting anyone specific in his tweet message. “It is just a general message to remind all Muslims, including myself, to not support Israel, which has oppressed and caused much pain to the Palestinians.”