Healthcare “reforms” called 1Care for 1Malaysia are upon us and it’s a truly frightening prospect.

The BN government has been selling 1Care in the MSM throughout 2011, describing it it glowing terms without giving away any details at all. A concerned citizens group called #taknak1care managed to get hold of some insider information and started a Tak Nak 1Care facebook campaign that’s picking up steam.

The revelations on their Tak Nak 1Care Facebook page worried the authorities enough that the Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Health, Datuk Dr Hisham Abdullah joined in the discussions on the page to try and do some damage control. However, he has so far been unable to answer or categorically refute any of the information revealed on the page and has been reduced to repeating the mantra of “nothing has been decided yet, but whatever it is will benefit the rakyat”.

But interestingly, the Dep DG has acknowledged is that Malaysia is currently about halfway through the 1Care implementation process. This blogger wonders how you can be halfway implementing something that doesn’t exist yet?!

As I understand it, 2012 is when the implementation is supposed to be stepped up. Already we see various articles in the mainstream media about the drawbacks of our current healthcare system. This is done so that the rakyat will be conditioned to accept the need for healthcare reform. The laws authorising the 1Care reforms may even be passed this year. So we don’t have much time to stop this train wreck from happening.

I won’t be discussing the structure of 1Care in this article. For that, please “Like” the #taknak1care facebook page. There is a wealth of information about 1Care there, several intelligent discussions including long discussions with the Dep DG of MOH himself, and new information is posted often. You can also search Youtube for the Tak Nak 1Care videos.

For now, I would just like to explore the problems and questions that arise from 1Care “reforms”.

Firstly, I believe 1Care is based on some fundamentally flawed assumptions.