Reform means Reboot!!

There are certain candidates that lose in the polling will return in the ministry like Shahrizat and Palanivel. So things are back to square one. What is the purpose of voting them out? They are still there. Things are back to square one. So its all bout sweeping without giving any way for the current ruling coalition.

By Suara Demokrasi

Many of them are still not clear what are essential for reformation. Many might think of reformation but they are too comfortable with the current level of living. Many don’t see reformation is necessary because they are earning thousands per month. These “Many” are the fence sitters who still have not decide where to vote. Observing quietly without any signs.

Some of you might think that the country needs reformation but you are kind of hesitate to lose your current MP or ADUN. This is a common contradiction that occurs in politics. Especially, when you are not looking at the bigger picture. It is not wise to say that all MPs from BN are bad. There are certain good ones out there, but they are the minority who are controlled by the corrupted majority. Voting for these MP might be a good choice if think about your parliamentary territory. They can bring all kind of projects, infrastructures or privileges for the people there. When it comes to running the nation, these MPs will not perform well because their powers are limited or suppressed by the corrupted majority. So, its not a great deal having them in parliament. You’re good but you are not powerful, then its better for them to become a social worker, nothing much different.

Giving way for there leaders into the parliament will also cause the corrupted ones to rule indirectly. Let me give an example, if Najib loses his Pekan seat while he is still the UMNO president. Assume that there are no threat for him to be the president. Obviously he will have certain de facto powers in the government. If he don’t, for sure Mahathir will be using his influence and pulling the strings of Muhyiddin(successor to be). So, its not about who is on the seat, its about who is blowing the whistle.

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