Umno moves to counter internal sabotage

Umno president Najib Tun Razak activates party’s disciplinary committee ahead of the 13th general election

(Free Malaysia Today) – In an unprecedented move, Umno is activating its disciplinary committee in a bid to pre-empt any attempts at internal sabotage in the run up to what many have described as Umno’s most defining general election.

Party president Najib Tun Razak said the disciplinary committee was authorized to act against any form of misconduct by members in the party.

“This mechanism is in placed. If there is any violations, the committee will take action and the action taken will be fair. Any complaints will be brought to the committee,” he said.

In the past, the disciplinary committee was activated only after the general election was over  as a move to deal with members who violated the party’s rules and ethics.

But the political situation within the party has somewhat changed. Reports of factions within Umno at national level and cutting across the rank and file are rife and some observers noted that ‘real’ loyalty is now a ‘rare commodity’.

Said Najib: “Problems cropped up in every election, especially in a big party (like Umno). This is nothing new.

“There may be unbecoming behaviour. There may be disgruntled candidates, even supporters could act to the detriment of the party.

“So it is better that we take actions beforehand to maintain party discipline.

“We do not want any untoward things to happen after the election is over as they will be detrimental to the party.”