Himpun supports setting up of Syariah Enforcement Central Committee

(Bernama) – Himpunan Sejuta Umat (Gathering of a million Muslims) or Himpun supports the setting up of a Syariah law enforcement central committee to strengthen enforcement against proselytization of Muslims.

The movement’s national deputy chairman Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman said the committee was crucial in prohibiting such activities, which he claimed was becoming rampant.

Speaking to reporters after deilvering a speech at the fourth series of the “Selamatkan Akidah” (Save our faith) campaign organised by Himpun at Dewan Budi Penyayang here today which was attended by some 3,000, he said the present syariah laws were only applicable to Muslims.            

“We request that the implementation of the committee be expedited to prevent more of these bad elements from trying to confuse Muslims,” he said.

He said the movement would also submit a memorandum on apostasy among Muslim to the Conference of Rulers to curb such activities from spreading in the country.