New Quakers in Malaysia


I am sure you have heard of The Renaissance Man of Asia, wakakaka.

But there is a real renaissance developing in DAP, a renaissance of awareness by independent minded Malaysians of all ethnic groups, but specifically and specially Malays.

The word ‘renaissance’ in this post means a renewal of interest, rebirth, revival and even vigor in the politics of DAP, in other words a political renaissance for DAP.

OK, ‘renaissance’ has been defined well and good, but pray tell what significance does it have?

If there is a renewal, it must mean there was something in the first place, something that existed long ago, but is now re-awakening, being reborn and revived. Basically, there were already Malay members in the DAP ages ago, people like Ahmad Nor, Che Rose, my Penang kinfolk Zulkifli Mohd Noor, and several others.

In other words, while DAP should be elated that high profile Malays like Aspan Alias, Mohd Ariff Sabri, Hata Wahari, Tunku Abdul Aziz, Zairil Khir Johari and others have joined the party to promote, project and push policies of good governance a la C.A.T, and justice and freedom for all, it must not forget those Malay pioneers in DAP, and not just the equally high profile ones like Ahmad Nor but also those old timers like my Penang larng Zul Noor and more so, those who valiantly struggled against the UMNO juggernaut in earlier years and even lost their candidate deposits, like Che Rose of Perak and company.

DAP, while cherishing the present members and nurturing the future ones, please remember and respect the party Malay pioneers.

Now having saluted the DAP pioneers, on to the current ‘renaissance’ – recall my recent post UMNO fears DAP beachhead where I narrated UMNO’s alarm of today’s DAP to such an extent that it has now re-classified the Rocket Party as its principal foe, when once in its heydays of unbridled powers and take-Malaysians-for-grantedkutu irritant and a MCA/Gerakan’s problem.

Now, it trembles in shock, anger and fear as it seeks to destroy the unprecedented DAP’s beachhead in the heartland.

And as proof of this new UMNO fear, Aspan Alias wrote in The Malaysian Insider (TMI) that: arrogance, it sneeringly dismissed the DAP as only a