AUKU: Aziz Bari wants Pakatan to take action against Kedah MB

(malaysian Digest) – Constitution expert Prof Dr Abdul Aziz Bari called for Pakatan Rakyat to take stern action against Kedah Mentri Besar, Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak, for implementing the University and University Colleges Act (AUKU) to punish the students of Kolej Universiti Insaniah (KUIN) in Kedah last year.


Prof Abdul Aziz said, Azizan’s action was clearly contrary to the Pakatan’s promise to erode the AUKU as outlined in the coalition’s common policy statement, better known as Buku Jingga.

“Pakatan must be firm in this case because there should be no leaders in the coalition rejecting the agreement as stated in the Buku Jingga, ” said Prof Abdul Aziz.

He said this is not the first time that Azizan took a controversial stand that is inconsistent with the principles of Pakatan in the affairs of Kedah’s administration.

“”If you want to support AUKU, go and join the Barisan Nasional (BN). They (BN) are pro AUKU,” he said.

In May last year, five KUIN students were tried and suspended as a punishment for being involved in the protests against the construction of Sekolah Insan Bestari.

The protesters are against the construction because the area of the construction is not strategic and will disrupt KUIN’s students’ learning process.