Wonder woman now ‘YB Press’

DAP members complain that Teresa Kok is more interested in entertaining the media than performing her job.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Selangor DAP chief Teresa Kok has earned a new title – YB Press. She is seen courting the press more often than performing her job.

A party source told FMT recently that Kok would often call up members to make up the crowd whenever she attends a public function.

“When we call her to raise some issues on the ground she ignores our phone calls, but when she needs us to work on the ground, she would SMS us. She is not bothered about the grassroots members.”

“When we raise an issue she would ask us why are there so many problems,” the source said.

“But when it comes to public functions, she would always ensure that she receives media attention. That’s why we have a nickname for her – YB Press,” the source added.

Kok is also popularly known as “wonder woman” because she wears many hats. She is Seputeh MP, Kinrara assembly woman, and Selangor executive councillor. She also sits as a director in PKNS (Selangor State Development Corporation).

Within the party, she is Selangor DAP chief, national DAP organising secretary, and Wanita DAP’s national secretary.

According to the source, another reason for her frequent forays into the public arena was that she had to perform some of the duties of her colleagues.

DAP factions

For instance, Pandamaran state assemblyman Ronnie Liu, who adopted Sungai Pelek (a Barisan Nasional constituency), had appointed Wong Chuan Hou, a local DAP leader, to look after the seat.

But the source said Wong had failed to perform and so the local leaders preferred to contact Kok directly.

The Pakatan Rakyat government has been adopting seats won by BN since 2008.

“There are many issues… in Sungai Pelek but no one is paying any attention,” the source said.

It was only last year that the DAP leadership appointed Jenice Lee (Teratai assemblyperson) to take care of Sungai Pelek.

“There are many issues in Sungai Pelek. For example, no one is paying any attention to a 160-year-old Hindu temple there facing demolition,” the source said.

Making matters worse, there are also three DAP factions in Sungai Pelek.

The first group is led by Lwi Kian Kiong, a Sepang municipal councillor, who sits in the DAP state committee. He has the backing of Kok and Selangor DAP state secretary Ean Yong Hian Wah.