UMNO fears DAP beachhead


Lim Guan Eng and his Penang government, and not Khalid Ibrahim and the Selangor government, represent the greatest threat to Najib and UMNO, and therefore every attempt must be launched to destroy it, impossible as this task may seem.

In the immortal words of Cato the Elder, a Roman statesman, “Ceterum autem censeo, Carthaginem esse delendam.”

Thus, to UMNO, in similar thinking, DAP in Penang must be destroyed …….. well, as much as is practically possible, given that an overwhelming majority of Penangites has rejected Gerakan and MCA parties as their political representatives.

Hence we have witnessed the relentless waves of terrible fabrications against Lim’s government in general, and Lim GE in particular, even down to the shameful sleazy salacious lies about his teenage son. Those fabricators surely threw their religious God-fearing beliefs and values out of the windows.

It has been anti-DAP carpet bombing all the way by both UMNO apparatus and affiliated bloggers (either sympathizing with UMNO or just being anti-DAP).

They have used not C4 but ‘C3’, namely, the alleged evils of Lim GE’s Christianity, Chinese ethnicity and Charborkooi (devil women) DAP colleagues, where the lies cover:

(a) Lim’s alleged Christian evangelism and proselytizing,

(b) Lim’s alleged ultra Chinese ethnicity, thus making him anti-Melayu in his governing of Penang, and depriving Penang Malays of their due rights and privileges, and

(c) by some bloggers spreading the net around the DAP wider than just Penang for the 3rd ‘C’, Charborkooi-ism, namely, the alleged evil DAP woman MPs & ADUNs in such personalities as Teo Nie Ching, Hannah Yeo, Teresa Kok, etc (who the bloggers take pains to point out, are not only Chinese Charborkoois but also the dreaded Christian evangelists).

But why has there been such an identification of the Penang’s DAP as its principal foe and the unprincipled, unceasing, unscrupulous campaign of lies against a political party which UMNO once sneeringly dismissed as a kutu irritant and only a MCA/Gerakan’s problem?

Is it because Lim’s Pakatan government in Penang is Chinese dominated? Or, has it been Lim’s C.A.T policy that’s embarrassing UMNO? Or, has either Koh TK or CSL, or both, been crying on Najib’s shoulders until the BN Chairman has to resort to the campaign to spare his shirt from those wet hot tears (and yucky, the discharges from runny noses, wakakaka)?

No, but I reckon it’s DAP’s beachhead in the heartland that’s terrifying UMNO.

Aspan Alias, Mohd Ariff Sabri (Sakmongkol AK47) and Hata Wahari have joined party VP Tunku Abdul Aziz and many other Malays in the DAP.

The three new DAP members are high profile political/journalist personalities once affiliated with UMNO, where all are formidable communicators with the last being a former Utusan Malaysia journalist. This constitutes a DAP’s Normandy-like beachhead not just in UMNO’s membership, but more terrifying for UMNO, the heartland.

Recently, a pro Pakatan (PKR?) blogger lamented on why Hata Wahari opted for DAP instead of PKR, but ’twas a rhetorical question it seemed because the same blogger evoked the possibility of Hata being put off by the PKR marginalization of Zaid Ibrahim. As Zaid had openly mulled prior to his decision, he did consider DAP but alas for him, opted for PKR instead.

But that Hata Wahari, a former Utusan Malaysia journalist and the former president of the National Union of Jorunalists (NUJ), has joined DAP has sent chills down UMNO’s corporate spine. Hata’s decision will be a force multiplier for DAP’s voice of C.A.T and good governance in the heartland.

And to prove this point, Aspan Alias has just penned Nak tengok Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah? … ada di Pulau Pinang — Aspan Alias in The Malaysian Insider, where he wrote (extracts): (Furthermore, I think Carthage must be destroyed).