Perkasa: Bigger Christian threat with MB Khalid in charge of Islam

(The Malaysian Insider) – Perkasa today warned of renewed efforts by Christian groups to convert Muslims in Selangor with Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim in charge of the state’s Islamic affairs.

The Malay rights group questioned the Selangor mentri besar’s religious credentials, comparing him to his recently axed state executive councillor in charge of Islam Datuk Dr Hasan Ali.

“The faith of Islam, of Muslims is under siege in Selangor… Perkasa is concerned of a more aggressive Christianisation attempt, especially with Khalid in charge of the exco portfolio for Islam,” Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali told The Malaysian Insider.

He described Hasan as a “Muslim warrior” who fervently defended Islam and ensured that Muslim apostates returned to their faith.

Hasan, a former Selangor PAS commissioner, gained notoriety last year for backing the Selangor Islamic department’s (JAIS) raid of a church over apostasy claims.

Weeks before Hasan was dropped as state executive councillor this month, he was spotted taking part in pub raids by religious authorities.

Like Perkasa, Hasan has consistently claimed there is a movement to convert Muslims to Christianity.

“Hasan was a firm exco, he is a religious man… but Khalid how is he to carry out his duties? He is also mentri besar and at the same time he lacks the religious credentials.

“What Perkasa can see is that Islam in Selangor will be weak if an unqualified person leads the state religious portfolio. If you look at any state, the exco holding this portfolio has to have an exemplary Islamic education,” said Syed Hassan.