Muhyiddin in pact with old foe



UMNO sources tell me that Muhyiddin Yasin has struck a deal with his old foe and ex Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib aka Mike Tyson.

In the new equation Muhammad will throw his support behind Muhyiddin to ensure that Selangor does not cross over to the BN in the next elections.

That loss of the state for the second time will be attributed to Najib’s poor leadership, and the Shah Alam and Klang Hospitals will be at the centre of the whole issue.

The state of the Klang Hospital and the reluctance of the Ministry of Health and the Central Government to step in to provide the funds and take all remedial action to ensure the hospital in Klang is upgraded as recommended by the Hospitals authorities, and the stalled Shah Alam Hospital is completed as soon as possible to ease the terrible congestion in Klang GH , will be a central issue in exposing  Najib’s inability to deal with big fish to  put things right.

All information towards this end is being fed to PAS, PKR and the DAP by supporters of the two men. Muhammad in the meantime is marshaling his resources by gathering his supporters in Selangor UMNO to join him in this quest.

This will leave a huge opportunity  for Muhammad to come back for the position of Deputy at the next UMNO General Assembly and most probably take on Hishamuddin Hussein whilst Muhyiddin will remove Najib or “very reluctantly stand against Najib.”

In the process Muhyiddin will endorse Muhammad as his running mate.

The gap in UMNO and the distrust amongst the leadership is getting wider. Whilst Sharizat has been given a lot of assurances from Najib, she is still wondering if this is only for him to buy time as other UMNO sources tell her she is to be sidelined at the next elections, she has become too big a baggage for Najib who is now fighting for political survival.

Whislt Najib is trying his best to assure the Indian and Chinese voters that he is making changes for the better, “others” and it is not very clear who these “others” are, are doing everything to destroy Najib’s credibility, and making him look bad in the eyes of both UMNO and the non Malays whose support he is desperately trying to garner.

The recent attack on members of a Hindu organisation who were to attend an ABU (anything but UMNO) meeting is said to have been arranged by persons who want Najib out.

In an immediate response, to try and mend the fences Najib came out with a statement asking Tamil educationist to come out with a blueprint on how to take Tamil schools forward. That is all there is to it, it is yet another government blueprint, a blueprint that will be left somewhere in the PM’s files when ulterior motives are met.

Najib seems to be staying clear off Mahathir Mohammed as the Proton issue hots up, and as the ex PM is tryign to “guide” him on how to deal with Sharizat, after all Sharizat is his (Mahathir’s) protege, and has now fallen out of favour and is  a nuisance to Najib’s future plans.

The fall of Selangor is a foregone conclusion, it is said that some of the strongest BN seats are now very shakey, the Malays are fed up and with so much at stake, FELDA, corruption – which they now can see clearly took away funds that were supposed to uplift them and instead landed in the pockets of a few elite in UMNO.