Umno mobilises more than 63,000 information campaigners

(Bernama) – More than 63,000 Umno information campaigners nationwide will be actively mobilised to disseminate information on national development in the light of the coming general election.

Umno Malaysia Information chief Datuk Ahmad Mazlan said the campaigners would be aided by 3.3 million Umno members to ensure the public could evaluate the huge contribution of the party, which is the backbone of the government.

Speaking at a press conference before holding a briefing session for Umno division information chiefs here today, he said the information campaigners must be fully made use of.       

He said four methods would be utilised by the information machinery, including face-to-face media, print media, digital media and electronic media.

Although, there were those who were of the opinion that the information machinery must focus on young voters, Ahmad, who is also Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, said attention would be on all levels of voters.