Another Hasan Ali?


Earlier this month I posted Apple of discord by a rotten apple, referring to Hasan Ali for char-koay-teow-ing issues among Pakatan partners.

What had chagrined many Pakatan members and supporters had been the (then) Kemo Sabe deliberately stirring up things among Pakatan allies, in what they suspected was an UMNO plot to break up the principal threat to UMNO, with Hasan Ali as its more-than-willing agent provocateur.

I remarked then that unless PAS got rid of the enemy within, there should be exceptions to the ABU policy promoted by Brother Haris Ibrahim, as I consider Hasan Ali (had he remained in PAS, and thus the Pakatan he disliked) a far greater evil than an UMNO candidate.

He was poison.

But thank goodness PAS finally sacked him, much as I understand the party leadership was reluctant to do so because Hasan Ali has strong support from the hard line conservative (ulama) faction, many of whom still prefer the so-called ‘Malay unity’ with UMNO than with secular parties like DAP.

In that post Kemo Sabe, I mentioned ” … the Weltanschauung or worldview of many (though not all) PAS members is more about Malay interests rather than Islam’s per se, and PAS is a Malay (rather than Islamic) political party. Thus we shouldn’t be surprised by people like Dr Hasan Ali.”

“Even a certain remarkable Mufti (who cowardly put the blame for his seditious act on a woman when push came to shove) argued that “the Malays are special because they are related to Islam, unlike the Arabs even though Prophet Muhammad was descended among them” and “We must defend our [Malay] race” (rather than Islam). So much for a Mufti!

You would imagine with Hasan Ali’s expulsion, we needn’t be concerned with question of exceptions to the ABU policy, but alas, life, especially political ones, isn’t meant to be easy.