Rafizi ‘glad’ Sharizat’s suing

(The Malaysian Insider) – Rafizi Ramli welcomed the defamation suit filed by Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil against him today, saying it would help uncover more dirt on the scandal-hit National Feedlot Corporation (NFC).

The PKR strategic director said he was “more than glad” to go to court as this would allow him to subpoena NFC for company documents which could buttress the party’s claims against Shahrizat and her family.

PKR is already in possession of what it claims to be the NFC’s cash book — obtained through an anonymous whistleblower — which details every transaction made by the company via its primary account.

“We are very certain we are fine because everything that we say is backed by facts and data from inside, which they have not denied,” Rafizi told The Malaysian Insider today.

He noted that it was Shahrizat and not the NFC who had filed the suit, pointing out that the company could also dispute the allegations in court.

The suit was likely a belated political move to assuage public suspicion about the NFC, Rafizi added, noting that the federal minister’s lack of reaction prior to this had lent credence to PKR’s claims.

The matter will be handled by the party lawyers, Sivarasa Rasiah and N. Surendran.