Elections Victory is ours,but ……


The next elections in Malaysia will see the downfall of the present government, that is a forgone conclusion, and Najib and the Barisan know  it only too well, but they are not prepared to accept it.

Now Najib and his not so intelligent cousin Hishamuddin of course are at their wits end trying to see how to manipulate the situation such that they can win the elections even if they lose it. It sounds like a joke, but it isn’t this is a real possibility.

Najib tries to portray himself as a moderate, and used his office to hoodwink unsuspecting Malaysians.

Bersih an independent body had asked for electoral reforms especially in the aftermath of the Sarawak Elections where Ambiga was refused entry into Sarawak by its notorious Chief Minsiter and Najib’s close friend. Little needs to be said about this man his reputation speaks for itself, he is now an internationally known character and if you read the international press you’ll know for what.

All changes taking place right now is to suit the present regime and not to ensure a free and fair elections.

Now like never before ex-government people who have held high office are begining to reveal that  something sinister is about to happen.

Former minister and veteran Umno member Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir said that introducing indelible ink would not ensure free and fair elections and there are more pressing issues that need to be addressed, although he did not  go into specifics about these “pressing issues” one thing is certain he has made it clear that the Government uses the mass media to propagate lies against the opposition. This has come from an UMNO vetran in his own right.

Kadir has recommended the  electoral reforms of  Bersih 2 which were mostly ignored during the first round of recent reforms to the electoral system be introduced, he went on further to say that the recommendations so far were very minor and insignificant in ensuring a free and fair election. This is not coming from Chen Man Hin, the former DAP chairman but from Abdul Kadir Sheik Fadzir a former Minster in the UMNO cabinet.

The passing in haste of the “Peaceful Assembly Bill in Parliament” is to curtail the ability of the people to protest any scam at the next General Elections. Najib is getting prepared to do  just that – rig and cheat at the next elections, he has to become PM by hook or by crook, like his father did in 1969, when he gave the country an ultimatum, that the opposition joins him or there will be no democracy. He was crazy for power just like his son is today, in fact najib is even more crazy.

Crazy people do crazy things, they’ll even kill to achieve their aims and we have seen that happen.

The former EC chairperson Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman has  called for the EC to be given full powers in conducting elections without having to “share it with other agencies.”

This man has come out now and spoken, he has said that he dared not  things in full accordance with the law and utilising the full powers bestowed on him by his position  because he was afraid of the government of the day. Now he says he answers only to God and does not have to fear the political masters, a clear indication that the EC is controlled by the government.

Abdul Rashid asked that  EC  be given full powers in conducting elections without having to share it with other agencies something this government is rather fond of doing and which is illegal, as the conduct of election is the prerogative of an independent Elections committee without interference from other bodies.

In response our Deputy Prime Minster has come out an said, “its current form has proven effective therefore overhauling it is unnecessary.” Isn’t  he meddling with the powers of the EC? Who is he to make that call? Isn’t the EC an independent body? Is this not clear evidence that the government actually meddles with the functions of the EC? Well that was the impression given to Malaysians by Abdul Rashid Rahman now that he is not in office and does not have to kow tow to all those UMNO big wigs.

Who decides where the postal votes goes, and when and on what basis, no one knows. That I am told is privy only to the Prime Minster who decides where it is dropped and in what proportions.