RPK dah jadi ‘orang kita’? Camna ni?

In the flush of our seemingly unstoppable march towards Putrajaya when all things seems to be in our favor, he tells us things we do not want to hear. When all our ‘senjata’ seems to be primed and ready for battle, he points out that our flanks are exposed and in need of defense. And when our leaders are raring to lead he tells us why they should not! 


Now that the water is becalmed. Now that I no longer have to fight with others for space to have my say. Now that he himself seems to be having his sabbatical, I will now have my say about Petra or RPK to you. I know that my window of opportunity is limited as I think this is most likely the calm before another storm! Another storm?

Why…is he a glutton for punishment? Is all that ‘let us  hantam RPK’ these last few weeks merely whetted his appetite for more S&M?
To all of you that tells all who will listen that Petra is now an ‘orang kita’ as far as UMNO and Barisan Nasional is concern, I would like to give you all an enthusiastic Bronx Cheer…a raspberry or just a simple Z-R-B-T-T!
There is not enough money anybody would be prepared to part with to buy this guy….me? Well we can talk…but Petra? I think …make that I know …he does not enough sense to talk ringgit and sens with anybody. This guy is too damm stubborn and too damm committed to himself to be able to commit himself fully to anyone else! So any idiot that thinks he can ‘kautim’with Petra is deluding himself.
Now what about making Petra understand that if we are on the same side, then we must go kill others and not each other?

Now why don’t you back up a bit and ask yourself who is on whose side?

At one point or another Petra, from what he writes, can be construed to be for Anwar, Mahathir, Najib….hell if I go through everything that he has written and will write, I swear that at one time or another Petra would have unequivocally stated that he is more well known then Najib and Anwar put together! Quite like when John Lennon stated (and correctly too) that the Beatles were more well known then Jesus. At least I am taller then him if he does want to go head to head with me in that department though as to who is better looking would depend on who is doing the deciding. Marina he wins. My wife I win!

What I am trying to say here is just this.
Loosen up and give this Petra guy his due. The only mistake I have made was being born. Petra is not me…so he is bound to make a mistake or two! Hell he might even make three mistakes….so what? 

Ask yourself what his intentions are! What does he gain by doing what he does. And when all the dust has settled go back again to what Petra wrote many months…maybe even years ago…and ask yourself if he was right or wrong. Then and only then can you go hang him or tell him again “You are right!”.

With hindsight Khir Toyo would not have bought that mansion in Shah Alam at such a considerable discount. With hindsight Nixon would not have taped himself while in office. And with hindsight Najib would have done things differently with Razak Baginda.