‘Anwar has failed to present specific policies for the country’

(The Star) – Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim‘s promise of change for the country is vague because he has failed to present a specific and detailed policy, said an MCA central committee member.

“He is merely adopting a policy of populism to appeal to the public in order to gain their support and votes for his own political gain,” said Loh Seng Kok.

The MCA publicity bureau deputy chairman said Barisan Nasional, on the other hand, had launched a series of transformation programmes for the country.

This included the Economic Transformation Programme and the Government Transformation Programme; as well as the abolishing of the Internal Security Act and amending laws considered out-of-date such as the University and University Colleges Act, the Printing and Press Publications Act, the Banishment Act.

“These reforms by the Barisan federal government are proof that we have started to make changes and also to move towards the goal of becoming a more democratic and modern state,” said Loh.

He also cautioned voters about Anwar’s promise of change in government within six months of Pakatan Rakyat coming into power.

“It really means turning the country into a theocratic Islamic state,” said Loh, adding that Anwar made the promise during the third Pakatan national convention in Alor Setar recently.

“The promises listed in the Buku Jingga which Anwar had vowed to accomplish within 100 days of taking power were meant to trick the people.

“But after realising that the public was not falling for it, he then changed the deadline to within six months,” said Loh.

It seemed Pakatan would adopt theocracy in order to speed up the process of fulfilling their pledges, Anwar said.

“Anwar, whom DAP had touted as Pakatan’s candidate for Prime Minister, had once before publicly stated his personal support for the implementation of PAS’ hudud law in Kelantan.

“This indicates that Anwar is also likely to support the establishment of a theocratic Islamic state,” said Loh.

As Anwar is Pakatan’s de facto leader, Loh said one could rightly assume any statement made by Anwar on the issue could be attributed as stand of the coalition.

“Therefore, if PKR and PAS both agree to the setting up of a PAS Islamic state, this decision will launch Malaysia on an irreversible journey of a downward trend.

“With regards to DAP, no matter how openly DAP states their opposition to the formation of an Islamic theocratic state, including their threat to resign as a sign of protest, in the end DAP is still assisting PAS in their goal,” said Loh.