‘Nothing wrong with laws against homosexuality’

Pas official refutes contention that such laws are archaic

(NST) – PAS Dewan Ulama vice-head Datuk Dr Mahfodz Mohamed said the country’s law against homosexuality was never archaic and that any right minded Muslim would know that homosexuality was a deviant and unnatural practice.

  “It is something unnatural. I don’t find anything wrong with our laws against homosexuality,” said Mahfodz, a senior member of Syura Council, the highest authority body in Pas, when contacted yesterday.
  Mahfodz was commenting on Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s views expressed in a recent interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). 
  Anwar had said there was a need to review Malaysia’s  “archaic laws” so as not to be seen as punitive and considered as relevant. 
  Answering a question on gay rights and whether he was prepared to take “the idea of anti-discrimination as far as gay rights” were concerned, Anwar said “we will have to review some of our archaic laws.” 
  Mahfodz said that in Islam, the consequences of homosexuality had been known to corrupt humanity ever since the early days of Islam.
  “If the laws are repealed to accommodate homosexuality, it is downright unsuitable for our culture and lifestyle. And this is my stand based on Islam.”
  He reiterated that only heterosexuality and intercourse through marriages were recognised and halal in Islam and that was a common knowledge among Muslims.
  “I’m not sure why Anwar said such things. But it is not true that such laws are not relevant. It is already clear that same-sex relationship is not to be condoned.
  “What has been outlined (by Allah) since ancient times is the law of Islam must be adhered by Muslims,” said Mahfodz.
 Meanwhile Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria said Muslim should not make statements in support of homosexual practices.
  “We cannot support or allow homosexuality because it is the same as allowing adultery.
  “Muslims must oppose homosexuality regardless of it’s form. Don’t forsake your religion just to garner support.”