Hasan Ali to expose ‘parasites’ in PAS

(The Star) – Former Selangor PAS commissioner Datuk Dr Hasan Ali said Monday he will use his upcoming nationwide roadshow to expose what he describes as a group of parasites in PAS who have influenced the party.

He said they had infiltrated the party and held various important and strategic positions.

“This group of parasites has its own meetings and its own objectives and vision,” he told a news conference at his house, here.

Dr Hasan said the group was not new but had grown more vigorous and energetic.

He declined to comment when asked whether the group he was referring to had any link to Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) adviser.

“Let me reveal the matter at the roadshow, because my talk will touch on the issue of this group of parasites,” he said.

He said the primary objective of his roadshow was not only to clean PAS of these parasites who, he claimed, had diverted the party from its original path, but also to safeguard the sanctity of Islam, the Malays and the Malay rulers.

Dr Hasan, who is the state assemblyman for Gombak Setia, had raised the issue of the parasites who, he alleged, preferred to appreciate and support the struggle of others and did not like the issue of alcohol and apostasy to be brought up in Selangor.

On Sunday, Selangor PAS commissioner Dr Abd Rani Osman challenged Dr Hasan to expose the group of parasites.

At the news conference, Dr Hasan questioned his removal as a Selangor state executive councillor effective Monday which differed from the termination of his membership in PAS on the last day of the period of appeal, which is Feb 7.

“The hurry indicates that some quarters are impatient to get me out and to find a replacement. Whereas in terms of being dropped as a state executive councillor, I have three more weeks to arrive at the best decision,” he said.

Asked whether he could have been sacked from the party for other reasons, Dr Hasan said he was unsure because he had never received any letter to that effect from the party.