Najib + Anwar versus Dr M?


You know, many people have not been satisfied with the judge’s ruling on Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy trial, even though it had worked out in favour of Anwar …….. so it then seemed.

Thus I’ve collated some pieces of blog posts on this particular dissatisfaction to present them here for your considerations.

Just a week ago RPK posted What is the new political scenario going to be like now?, where he wrote:

In my hati kecik (small heart), I actually wanted Anwar to be sent to jail. Maybe this is for very selfish reasons — and that is so that I can be proven right and Haris Ibrahim proven wrong.

You see; Haris received some very distressing information from his Deep Throats very high up in the government. And that information is that Anwar had made a deal with Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. Anwar would be acquitted of the sodomy charge and in turn he would ensure that Pakatan Rakyat does not win enough parliament seats to form the next federal government.

How Anwar will do this was not revealed but if I had to mastermind something like that I would know exactly how to do it. And it would be so subtle that no one would smell a rat (and not by openly whacking Pakatan Rakyat or its leaders in the mainstream media, which is so obvious it would be the work of schoolboys).

Anyway, the only way Haris could be proven wrong with regards to the alleged deal between Anwar and Najib would be if Anwar were found guilty (though of course he can always appeal today’s decision and the Federal Court then overturns the lower court’s decision).

Granted the Prosecution too can appeal today’s decision and the Federal Court can find Anwar guilty and he can still be sent to jail at a later date. However, this can be the ‘back up plan’. In the event Anwar renegades on his deal, Najib can always take a second bite of the cherry.

But that is, of course, mere speculation and dependent on whether such a deal has, in fact, been made — which my own Deep Throats tell me no deal has been made.

Invariably, I certainly believe my own Deep Throats, as I do not know who Haris’s Deep Throats are. Hence I told Haris that my Deep Throats tell me that his information is not correct, much to Haris’ relief (who also believe my Deep Throats as well).

When I read it, I suspected it as RPK’s backhanded way of telling us there was a deal done, by quoting Haris Ibrahim as the source though with him (RPK) dismissing that conspiracy theory, wakakaka.

I have to admit that initially I thought the conspiracy theory might be just a wee far fetched.

Then a few days after that, I read the post of Mohd Arshad Raji, a pro Pakatan blogger introduced to us on his blog mind NO EVIL as ‘a retired army officer who believes in justice for all and hates liars and apple polisher, and (rightly) believes that all members of AF must be free of corrupt practises’.

His article, which caught my attention and made me re-think and thus reconsider what RPK had posted, was Why was Anwar really aquitted?

His post in full is as follows: