Pakatan should reveal Orange policies

Pakatan should address the concerns of most Malaysians on daily issues affecting them.

(Free Malaysia Today) – This Saturday’s Pakatan Rakyat national convention should be a showcase to unveil the coalition’s imminent national policies vis-a-vis its much-touted Orange Book , especially on socio-economic issues, if it captures Putrajaya.

In saying this, prominent social activist Anil Netto said the convention was crucial to boost public confidence on the coalition’s viability as a federal government.

“Many people are not familiar with the Orange Book.

“It’s imperative for Pakatan to give an in-depth explanation about it,” he told FMT here today.

He said the people would like to know whether Pakatan would continue the current neo-liberal model undertaken by Barisan Nasional federal government or embark on progressive people-centric socio-economic policies.

Neo-liberal model emphasises on foreign direct investment (FDI)-driven economic growth, privatization of crucial public sectors, reduction of corporate and income taxes, introduction of goods and service taxes, and removal of subsidies.

The focus of people-orientated policies meanwhile would be to reduce prices of essential items, reduce cost of living, providing affordable houses and affordable public health, education and transportation for all.

Political and civil rights issues aside, Anil claimed that the 40 per cent of Malaysians living in the lower income bracket were more concerned on daily issues affecting them.

He said prices of goods, public education, health and transportation, and affordable houses are among larger people’s issues that the convention should address and unveil Pakatan’s action plans.