Poser over Guan Eng’s term as DAP sec-gen

(FMT) – Postponement of party elections means Guan Eng will serve a fourth term as secretary-general which is against the party constitution.

The DAP party elections have been postponed yet again and this begs the question: can Lim Guan Eng be the secretary-general for a fourth term?

The DAP constitution states that a secretary-general can only serve for three terms. If the party elections are held anytime next year, Guan Eng will be into his fourth term.

The party elections have been postponed twice. The first time it was scheduled for August last year. At the DAP convention on Sunday, it was announced that the party elections scheduled for August this year will be postponed again.

The official line for this delay is that the general election is imminent.

“Many are wondering why Guan Eng is afraid of elections. If he can do this, he’ll even postpone general elections if he becomes the prime minister,” said a party source.

The source added that postponement of party election which was approved at the convention would extend Guan Eng’s term as party’s secretary-general to four terms.

The party constitution dictates that an individual can hold the position for three terms only.

Caught off-guard

DAP delegates were caught off-guard when the postponement was announced.

Another source of discontentment was the short period of time allocated for delegates at the convention.

“Our party should promote democracy in our own home first. They are killing the democratic right of members simply to project unity,” said the party source.

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