Megat Najmuddin confirms he wrote NFC email

(The Malaysian Insider) – Tan Sri Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas has confirmed that he authored the email which PKR presented earlier today as proof that a top National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) official had allegedly tried to bribe the police.

However, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) advisory board member said the email — in which he had related an NFC lawyer’s account of how an official with the cattle raising scheme allegedly tried to influence the police with money — was entirely speculative.

“It was a personal email and a personal opinion based purely on conjecture on my part as no investigations had started then. A lot of hearsay here. The MACC is already investigating the matter,” he told The Malaysian Insider via email.

Megat Najmuddin (picture), who also sits on the Umno disciplinary committee, added that he was “very upset” that PKR strategic director Rafizi had used his private email unethically.

Rafizi had earlier disclosed the existence of the email to reporters, which he said proved that the NFC had tried to bribe CCID officers probing the cattle scheme for alleged abuse of funds.

The email was sent by Megat Najmuddin to a large private group on December 31, 2011, following his dinner with an NFC lawyer.

According to the email, the lawyer told the advisory board member how the NFC official had been tricked into paying money to a “conman” — understood to be Datuk Shamsubahrin Ismail — to allegedly influence the ongoing police probe into the publicly funded project.

Shamsubahrin was recently charged with cheating NFC chairman Datuk Mohamad Salleh Ismail of RM1.76 million in fraudulent consultancy fees.

“He (the lawyer) told us about this conman’s story, about how this sweet-talking guy managed to convince his desperate client to part with his money so that he can get the police to be ‘less brutal’ in their interrogation!

“It’s sad to see how stupid one can get when you are stuck ‘between a rock and a hard place’!” the email read.