Investigate Raja Petra’s claims of alleged cronyism by Azmin Ali’s brother-in-law & in MBPJ – Selangor MCA

Press statement by YB Wong Koon Mun, MCA State Liaison Committee Secretary and in state Assemblyman for Kuala Kubu Baru

For whatever claims that Raja Petra has published on his website, he has either earned outrage or applaud depending on which side of the political fence one is affiliated to.

Back in 2008, when Raja Petra vigorously campaigned for Pakatan Rakyat, most famously in Penang, Pakatan Rakyat parties welcomed and leveraged on him heavily as a comrade-in-arms. Despite the occasional spew against the Opposition’s weaknesses, Pakatan never flinched an eye-lid.

Given his recent opinions against PKR ketua umum Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, and what more, his revelations of cronyism being practised in the Selangor government and with the impending general elections around the corner, Pakatan, in particular PKR have grown very sensitive.

Writing in his blog Malaysia Today dated 6 Jan 12, Raja Petra had alleged that the Johan Taharin, the brother-in-law of PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali had approached a developer who was encountering difficulty getting state approvals with an offer to secure a project in exchange for a fee ala bribe.

On another matter in the same article, Raja Petra alleged that legal matters involving the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) had been sourced to law firms of PKR leaders namely Members of Parliament Lateefa Koya and R. Sivarasa and PKR Vice President N Surendran and Councillor Derek Fernandez.

Considering that the names whom Raja Petra identified are public figures, I urge the following immediately with high priority to avoid any of the cases becoming rendered as the oft-used NFA (no further action):

1)   As these are ratepayers’ funds in question, the Selangor Capability, Accountability and Transparency Committee (SELCAT) and the state EXCO must also conduct a public inquiry.

2)   The Disciplinary Board of PKR convene an investigation as to whether Raja Petra’s accusations have substance. Action must be taken against Azmin Ali and the other PKR leaders named if there is found to be any graft and cronyism being practised.

As the office of the Menteri Besar had even offered to pay the travel fare for Raja Petra’s return to furnish evidence of the alleged graft, Raja Petra has already listed two issues which warrant a probe. So, there is no reason or excuse to delay investigations any longer.

Other examples of familial nepotism in Pakatan-led states

While the debacle in Perak over the Ipoh City Council awarding the tailoring contract to company of the wife of DAP Secretary Nga Kor Ming despite the highest quotation bidded, has yet to fizzle out, it seems to be a Pakatan trend to delegate government work to relatives or close peers. In Kelantan, Menteri Besar Dato’ Seri Nik Aziz does not find it odd to appoint his son-in-law as CEO of Kelantan Menteri Besar Inc (Perbadanan Menteri Besar Kelantan), a state GLC.  

Back in 2008, when Barisan Alternatif (as they were known then) had campaigned for transparency and an end to nepotism. The PKR Manifesto promised to “dismantle networks of corruption, monopolies” besides “promoting a fully transparent culture of openness in the awarding of government contracts and tenders, and grating awards based not on connections, but on competitiveness and track records.” Uunfortunately, now Pakatan Rakyat too succumbs to the very flaws they had pledged to clean up.

YB Wong Koon Mun
MCA State Liaison Committee Secretary
State Assemblyman for Kuala Kubu Baru