The Third Force – No free rides

It is ironic if what we call The Third Force is for or against any political party.

These actions are to ensure that we do not give blank cheques to anyone, not based on party or any other reason. We cannot give all or nothing support to a party without scrutinizing the individual, because when we do so it is like giving license for candidates to slack. No free rides!

By Anas Zubedy, Free Malaysia Today

The Third Force must be neutral and its main goal must be to defend what is best for the nation, regardless of party politics. Politicians cannot be part of the leadership of the Third Force. The Third Force must be led by civil society, one who has nothing to gain if either side wins or lose.

This is my suggestion of The Third Force, an action to change Malaysian politics one MP at a time, and to ensure no one gets anymore free rides.


The action to make sure only the best people represent Malaysians as MPs and ADUNs by choosing the right individual. This effort is for the long term; it will not stop after the coming general elections.

The tagline for the endeavour is NO FREE RIDES


While the backing of a good structure, processes and systems (of political parties) can help an MP/ADUN perform well, an excellent candidate without a good party will still be able to serve the rakyat with heart and soul, like an excellent teacher in a school without amenities and support. That is why we must give foremost consideration to the individual calons, not his/her political party.


We must be clear about our goals and what we want from our MPs. Write down your criteria. Here are some examples you can use as a baseline. You can copy or add to it as you think is best.

i. Speak on behalf of all Malaysians regardless of race or religion, at all times and never fight only for their own community.

ii. Promote economic policies that provide support to all Malaysians in the bottom 40% strata of society, regardless of race

iii Publicly declare their assets with a third party register

iv Propose to make the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) report directly to Parliament, within six months of the GE and continue to fight for it until the law is in place.

v Propose the enactment of non-party hopping laws within six months of the GE and continue to fight for it until the law is in place.

vi Show clear knowledge, appreciation and support that the Malay and indigenous customs form our core culture, while the Chinese, Indian and other cultures play strong supporting roles as part and parcel to form the unique Malaysia brand

vii Practice empathy; e.g. – refuse to allow beef or pork to be served or sold in all government-related premises, projects and all party activities.

viii  Initiate a process to work towards one-stream schools which also adequately provides for all who want to learn their vernacular languages, to be established within the next fifteen years. Propose a constitutional change to make this happen.

ix Be able to speak Malay fluently, and English comfortably. If they cannot, they have to take courses to learn and pass a proficiency test within their first six months.

x Rise above party politics, and keep the above nine conditions even if it goes against your party.

Organise a team of four or five friends to meet the candidates in your constituency to dialogue and get them to agree to your demands.

Once they agree, make sure you have either a written or video recording of their affirmation so you can use it later for evidence. Use the technology that you have in your hands – i.e. your handphones/gadgets.

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