Anwar’s problems are not over yet

Sakmongkol AK47

Anwar has been acquitted. I don’t wish to douse the flames of enthusiasm that was evident on the faces and response from his supporters. Family members and friends were elated. I am watching out for possible landmines.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Anwar said, this present case shouldn’t be considered as a landmark case representing the independence of the judiciary. The only concession he made was to recognize the courage of the presiding judge to arrive at this particular verdict. It will be interesting to watch what happens in the coming months.

The future of Malaysia will depend on what happens within one or two weeks after the Anwar verdict. He has been acquitted. However I do not think he is out of the woods yet. Despite being acquitted Anwar is circumspect about the judiciary. His acquittal does not prove the judiciary is independent he says. Now, that is somewhat ominous. Why would Anwar say that?

Anwar knows this. He is let off the hook this time – that’s what the government MAY want the public to think. So that they can say, this is proof that the judiciary is independent. DR Mahathir says it before the sitting PM does. Dr Mahathir says Anwar’s acquittal is proof that the judiciary in independent. The information Minister said the same thing too. Finally the PM joined in saying the same thing. It’s almost like preparing the ground to justify that if Anwar is charged and convicted for some other offences, it is not possible for people to accuse the judiciary of being not independent. It is the same judiciary that acquitted Anwar in this sodomy 2 case.

What if, Anwar is charged for other offenses? And he is convicted there because the evidence is so overwhelming. Anwar isn’t able to say the judiciary is independent now because if he is indeed convicted on another instance, he can’t turn around to say, the judiciary is not independent. That would be contradictory. So despite being acquitted, Anwar can’t say the judiciary is independent.

He can be charged for making a false report about the video showing a man resembling Anwar having sex with a China doll. Having sex is not a crime but making a false report is. Anwar is charged once more because the prosecution has the omega watch, the Chinese national in their custody and the video is proven as authentic by forensic experts. Anwar can then be charged and may be found for committal.

So, he is still not out of the woods yet. Even in the present case, the prosecution can appeal. Dr Mahathir will order DS Najib to appeal. Dr Mahathir would rather have UMNO lose than allow Anwar to be PM. He knows if Anwar ascends to the chief executive office, Mahathir and all those on the same ship are finished. So Anwar must be stopped at all cost.

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