Sodomy II – the losers


Thank goodness the Sodomy II trial has ended, not that I had dedicatedly followed its twists and turns through its long tortuous course. I have no interest in the private life of Anwar Ibrahim, alleged or otherwise – none of my business. It’s his politics, performance and policies that I keep an eye on.

Who then is the winner and loser of the trial’s outcome?

I leave that to the experts though I do know of only one loser, the Bench!

Alas, very few Malaysians have faith in the independence and integrity of our judiciary, and can you blame the majority?

As the Court dismissed the charges against Anwar Ibrahim, the Pakatan ‘experts’ are already analyzing, now get this, WHY the court had not found him guilty, instead of expecting that the verdict was, as Karpal Singh predicted, a natural outcome for the prosecutor’s paucity of solid evidence.

Look, even Anwar Ibrahim himself was surprised by the verdict.

For an example of the deep set suspicion by many about the motives of the court, and by the alleged nexus, therefore of UMNO, see Charles Santiago’s Seeing through the shadow play where he wrote: