Trio call for Johor DAP chief’s head

Johor DAP chief Boo Cheng Hau is a ‘good actor’ who favours Chinese members over Indians, claims a branch chief.

(Free Malaysia Today) – DAP members from a branch in Johor have accused state party chief Boo Cheng Hau of being ‘anti-Indian and a racist’. They’ve also called on the party’s top leaders to strip Boo of his political powers.

Taman Nesa (Skudai) branch member K Murugan said that Boo was only interested in the Chinese vote.

“He (Boo) said DAP will win every Chinese seat (there is). So DAP focuses on Chinese votes only.

“We are not happy with him. He’s the playmaker in Johor, and he’s got cronies.

“I do not want Boo to be a YB (Yang Berbahagia) or an MP (Member of Parliament), because he is not the right person to be a leader,” Murugan told reporters angrily.

Boo is currently Skudai assemblyman, and also acts as the Johor Legislative Assembly Opposition Leader.

Accompanied by two fellow Taman Nesa branch members, Murugan stood outside the Jubli Perak Hall entrance leading to the 2012 DAP Conference this morning holding signs deriding Boo.

Dressed in white they accused Boo of being “a racist” and called for party leaders to “come down” to Johor. One of them even wore a T-shirt that read “Say no to DAP Johore”.