Hasan Ali sacked from PAS

The party decides to sack the former state chief with immediate effect.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Islamic party PAS today sacked veteran leader Hasan Ali from the party with immediate effect.

Hasan, a former Selangor PAS chief, is also a senior state exco member.

The decision to sack Hasan was made at a party central leadership meeting today.

A short statement issued by party president Abdul Hadi Awang, posted in the party’s online media portal HarakahDaily, stated that the decision to sack Hasan was made after considering views from all party leaders.

“The decision was made based on Hasan’s activities which went against the party’s policies,” said Hadi.

Hasan shocked by drastic action

Reacting to the news of his sacking from the party, Hasan said that he was shocked by the party’s “drastic action”.

“I am also sad as my struggle to uphold Islam has been repaid in this manner,” said the Gombak Setia state representative in a statement.

He said that he would be consulting his friends and religious scholars on his next step, adding that he would be calling for a press conference soon.

With his sacking from PAS, the party would now have to identify someone else to replace him at the Selangor exco.