PKR need to be more practical in dealing with GE13!!

By Suara Demokrasi

RPK’s recent allegations regarding to scandal in the Selangor state government has created a bad image on him among the pro-oppositions.

RPK is not a politician, just an activist who criticize both sides. And to be mentioned also, RPK is clear with his idea that he dreams for a better Malaysia. So, condemning RPK for making a sudden U-turn or labeling him as a pro-UMNO blogger is not a matter at all.

People including the Pakatan supporters need to digest the fact that when it comes to forming a better nation, its all about check and balance.

From the previous General Election results, we can actually conclude that most of the voters who voted for the opposition are those who have a wise exposure on politics and governance. This statement is supported by the fact that Pakatan is more victorious in Urban areas compared to rural parts of the nation.

So in this case credibility plays a major role in people’s decision.

The Anwar sentiments, revealing “fitnah” and against the unfair judiciary system can be used as a part of campaign. But, how effective would it be compared to the allegations which will become the main content in BN’s campaign?

Ignoring these allegations will be a very wrong move. It will show that the oppositions are not professional in handling the government. The state government of Selangor reflects on how the federal government is going to function under Pakatan.

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