Ramasamy faces sacking or suspension

(New Straits Times) – Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P. Ramasamy is finding himself pushed further into the corner as the number of disciplinary complaints piles up against him. He faces the possibility of being suspended or even sacked if found guilty.

The DAP national disciplinary committee is expected to meet soon to decide on Ramasamy’s fate.

This comes in the wake of three additional complaints filed against him this week, bringing to four the number of reports lodged against him.

The complaints   concerned  his spat with party chairman Karpal Singh and a  breach of  gag order issued by a “high-powered” committee formed to resolve the issue.

The first complaint was lodged by Juru branch chairman Tan Ah Huat immediately after the Penang DAP convention on Dec 11. The others were filed on Tuesday by Seri Delima assemblyman R.S.N Rayer and a number of state DAP delegates.

The complainants have called for action to be taken against Ramasamy for defying a gag order issued by the three-man committee comprising DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, life adviser Dr Chen Man Hin and party adviser Lim Kit Siang.

Ramasamy was also accused of arranging a “rowdy and disgraceful” demonstration in front of the convention venue and associating himself with individuals who were seen carrying banners condemning Rayer and Bagan Dalam assemblyman A. Tanasekharan.

The same individuals were also said to have hurled abuses at Karpal upon his arrival at the venue.

Ramasamy is in for some tough questioning on his behaviour at the convention and alleged association with people from the underworld.

Those who have filed the complaints are  expected to provide the disciplinary committee with documentary evidence and witnesses to substantiate their allegations against the first-term politician.

“These are  serious complaints and Ramasamy must clear himself of all the charges. 

“Otherwise, he may well end up being suspended or, worse still,  expelled from the party,” a source said, adding that Ramasamy’s position as deputy chief minister was  at stake.

If drastic action is taken against Ramasamy, it could well spell the end of his short-lived political career as the DAP is unlikely to field a person who is serving out a suspension order in the next general election.

“If that happens, Ramasamy can forget about  being re-elected as  assemblyman or  re-appointed as  deputy chief minister,” the source added.

Earlier this week, a group of local Indian residents demanded that Ramasamy resign immediately as  Hindu Endownment Board chairman.

Even Karpal had openly asked him to quit as deputy chief minister by stating that it was no longer tenable for Ramasamy to hold on to the post.

Ramasamy has  responded that he would leave it to the DAP leadership to determine his fate.