Christian ‘covert’ task force targeting Malays

(Malaysiakini) – An elite highly covert task force which may be operating in and around Petaling Jaya and Kelana Jaya, has been set up by Christians with the aim of proselytising Selangor Malays, warned state executive council member in charge of Islamic religious affairs Hasan Ali.

Issuing this warning, Selangor state executive councillor in charge of Islamic religious affairs Hasan Ali. added:

“They (the Christians) found that Buddhists are easy to convert, Taoists are easy to convert and Confucians easy to convert.

hasan ali umno pas selangor talk quality hotel 300708 05“But they found Muslims, specifically Malays, difficult to convert.

“So they formed the special unit to convert the Selangor Malays to Christianity.”

Hasan (left) announced this before  the congregation in the Al-Hassanah Mosque in Bangi last night.

Speaking on the panel of the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) organised anti-apostasy forum held there, he reasoned that the special unit was the result of the animosity and warfare between Muslims and the crusaders during the holy crusades of the Middle Ages.

“It was left over from the crusades, the conflict between Christians and Muslims. They feel they need to recoup their loss, and are doing so by proselytising Muslims, who are largely Malays in Malaysia.”

This special unit, Hasan said, was staffed by highly dedicated and committed Christian volunteers from around the globe who volunteered their time and effort to proselytise Malays.

“They come from Korea, from Australia, from Switzerland, from all over the world and volunteer to stay here for at least one year. Imagine that, one year away from their families, wives and jobs,” he told the assembled Muslims.

The volunteers, he claimed, were well-qualified, many holding PhDs and masters in theological subjects and mundane disciplines such as engineering or medicine, assisted by a network of fellow missionaries across the country, and with access to unlimited funding and expertise in psychological tools for converting Muslims.