Anwar will be found guilty on 9 Jan 2012. Anyone wants to bet otherwise?

By Ken

Anwar will be found guilty  on 9 Jan 2012 of sodomizing Saiful. This will be the verdict that will be delivered by the judge in the interest of Najib and UMNO. The guilty verdict is necessary to disqualify Anwar from standing as a candidate in GE13 and, even more importantly, to put him away so that Pakatan Rakyat will lose its linchpin as it faces UMNO/BN in GE13.

Sodomy I was successfully used by Mahathir to remove Anwar in 1998 because Anwar was a threat to him, his sons and his cronies. Sodomy II is now being used once again to remove Anwar as he is the biggest threat to Najib and the UMNO/BN government. In doing so, Najib is merely following the tried and proven strategy deployed by Mahathir, the Guru of Sodomy who taught all Malaysians, from small children to the old, the finer details of sodomy over national television and the newspapers for many weeks. 
Why is it so important for Anwar to be put away? Because there is a high likelihood that Pakatan Rakyat, led by Anwar, may emerge victorious in GE13 and form the next federal government. Under a Pakatan government, Najib and other UMNOputras will most certainly face charges for corruption and various other crimes. They can’t take any chances and must prevent, by all possible means, a Pakatan government in Putrajaya. Furthermore, with tens (or possibly hundreds) of billions of dollars at stake, everything that can be done must be done to ensure an UMNO/BN win. Removing Anwar will weaken Pakatan Rakyat, and “Sodomy” is a sure winner for this purpose as it has worked well to put Anwar away before. 
The sex video, with a man supposedly Anwar, was prematurely and hurriedly released by three overly ambitious UMNOputras as a complement to Sodomy II to convince the people that Anwar was a sex maniac. If the Rakyat could be convinced that Anwar was a sex maniac, then a guilty verdict for Sodomy II would be better received by the Rakyat. That was the purpose of the sex video. Most people, however, do not believe that the man in the video is Anwar and the video has lost even the marginal impact it had when it was released. The sex video is ineffective in tarnishing the image of Anwar in the eyes of the Rakyat. 
Most of the Rakyat do not believe that Anwar, a man in his sixties, was able to repeatedly sodomize Saiful, a young man, against his wishes. They have also witnessed the disgraceful and despicable manner in which the Sodomy II trial has been conducted. Thus, when the judge pronounces Anwar guilty on 9 Jan, most of the Rakyat can be expected to reject the verdict and turn against UMNO.
There is a high possibility of a backlash and history could be repeated in GE13 as in the 1999 GE when the Rakyat, particularly the Malays, abandoned UMNO/BN in favor of Pakatan Rakyat. Counter measures are therefore necessary and UMNO has been doing exactly that by courting the Chinese and Indians with sweet words and handouts while simultaneously “ketuananing” Melayu and giving them plenty of goodies.
At a time when the coffers are drying up and the fiscal deficit is at one of the highest, each Malaysian family with less than Ringgit 3,000 income will receive a “bonus” of Ringgit 500 and their children in school will each receive Ringgit 100. And the civil servants, predominantly Malays, will receive a pay rise of up to 15%.  

In the current UMNO/BN regime, logic, evidence, justice, fairness, moral, ethics, decency and even piety are not relevant. UMNO/BN’s goal is what matters. Anwar will  be found GUILTY on 9 Jan 2012 to remove the biggest obstacle facing UMNO/BN as it prepares to take on Pakatan Rakyat in GE13. Is there anyone who wants to bet otherwise?