If pride goes before a fall, then much more, respect, integrity and most importantly, trust, has bolted out the window forever as far as RPK  is concerned. Now, Malaysians who had long hoped that RPK would lead the bloggers’ charge in unseating permanently one of the most corrupt and racist regimes in modern history, have every reason to look elsewhere for leadership and a deliverer.

Let’s not mince words or attempt to soften the blow by blathering on about “Many of you appear to be of the view that RPK has betrayed us, and has sold out……I do not share this view…….Mine is premised on the man and Marina that I believe I have come to know.” This is the worst kind of hypocrisy and a state of self-delusion and denial the Haris Ibrahim’s of our world live in, having suffered an almost, but not quite, fatal body blow. 

It would have been kinder of RPK to have fired a cyanide tipped bullet into Haris’s or Anwar Ibrahim’s brains than to have indulged in this kind of cowardly deception.

For the record, I WAS a staunch RPK supporter until 01.01.2012. Now I couldn’t care less if he were somehow to be incarcerated again in Sg. Buloh Prison and the keys to his solitary confinement cell thrown away in the Kelang River. He’s had his 15 minutes of fame and WE THE PEOPLE, would have created history in opening the window for an exceptional additional 15 minutes for him had RPK shown true courage and gumption in self-exile and in the face of, admittedly, tremendous adversity. 

So, RPK’s latest betrayal, and make no mistake, this is the second such instance of it within 12 months, has clearly confirmed that he has SOLD EVERYBODY OUT!

And that Phuket yacht junket and bragging about cavorting with fraudtrepreneur ali baba businessmen who once RPK would not have touched with a 10-foot pole and whom we spit at in disgust? That’s as telling an action as any that RPK has lost the plot. In attempting to backstab Anwar Ibrahim and PKR, he has only succeeded in stabbing himself.

RPK had hoped to hoodwink us by claiming that he did not realize his 2011 TV3 interview would be used to Najib’s, Rosmah’s and UMNO/BN’s greatest advantage, as they did just before the elections in East Malaysia. Now he thinks our opinions don’t/won’t count when he clearly backstabbed Anwar Ibrahim and PKR, timed a week before the court verdict is due to be pronounced on Sodomy 2, on 9th January. RPK, like so many other self-appointed panjandrums, was wrong in 2008 and he will be wrong again in 2012/2013.

RPK may well harbour the notion that he contributed more to Pakatan’s tsunamic success in GE 2008 than Anwar Ibrahim.

Such is the nature of those who suffer from illusions of grandeur. 

Let me state yet again another matter for the record:

There was not a man or woman alive in 2008 other than Anwar Ibrahim who could have united PKR, DAP and PAS to stand in opposition to UMNO/BN and deliver Badawi’s and UMNO/BN’s head as Anwar did, on a platter. None could have secured Selangor, Kedah and Penang into Pakatan’s fold without Anwar helming the coalition and formulating and executing to almost perfection the winning strategy.

But can we expect anything else from those who are poor second or third cousins or whatever to Royalty and who have fallen on hard times? It must be galling to rely on ‘peasant’ supporters’ donations and the largesse of the class of multi-millionaires and billionaires whom RPK once railed against and claimed fixed government licensed lotteries to finance party-hopping MP’s, to get by in the boondocks of grey, depressing and chilling Manchester. Yet, no royalty ever came out in defence of RPK when he was in prison or charged under the ISA, did they?.

From there to getting into bed with a manipulative, plain lying and dishonest Prime Minister who will not hesitate a jot to rip off the taxpayer to retain power is but one short $10 million step. Or is it $30 million or Euro 30 million?

I do not subscribe to the view that RPK was coerced into his Brutus act by the Special Branch, thereby buying time, protection and freedom for his allies and friends as one blogger claims. Such altruism is not to be found in the soul-fabric of a cunning, self-serving and now selfish and double-crossing megalomaniac.

And how does he support his allegations of corruption in Selangor as “reported” to him by “Chinese businessmen”??!! Why with the same type of spurious arguments and “proof” Kerismudin and Najib offered us which resulted in reporters and opposition MP’s being arrested under the ISA “for their own good”! That’s how! Gut feel and anonymous informers? Bah, what a humbug! He very conveniently remains silent of the ‘A’ given by the Auditor General to Selangor and Penang for transparency and accountability, not to mention their cash surplus and record FDI’s.

At least the so-called paid (from taxpayers’ money) UMNO bloggers have nailed their colours to the mast. The core of that group does not change its affiliation like a chameleon.