The end may be near for Rama

DAP grassroots demand that he sue Makkal Osai besides The Star.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Beleaguered Penang Deputy Chief Minister P Ramasamy has failed to impress his critics in his attempt to clear his name by threatening to sue The Star over a controversial news report.

The critics—mostly DAP grassroots leaders—want him to disprove allegations of violating the party’s code of conduct by suing Makkal Osai as well.

They are giving him 48 hours to do so, failing which they will lodge a police report against the Tamil daily for criminal defamation.

They also want Ramasamy to heed DAP chairman Karpal Singh’s call to quit his position as second deputy chief minister.

The grassroots group first called for legal action against Makkal Osai last week. They blame a Nov 28 article in the daily for the current public spat between Karpal and Ramasamy.

The paper appeared to have retracted the article in a “clarification” it carried on Dec 14. It said Ramasamy did not issue the press statement that claimed he had selected three DAP candidates for the coming election.

“If it was not Ramasamy, who was it?” said a grassroots leader. “The party should get to the bottom of this.”

The Star, in its Dec 23 article, quoted Ramasamy as saying that there was a plot to oust him because he turned down requests for projects and favours from the party grassroots.

The report prompted Karpal’s call for his resignation.

Ramasamy has since accused The Star of publishing a “baseless and frivolous” report.

Whispering campaign

Even if Ramasamy manages to clear his name, the DAP grassroots are in no mood to allow him to remain in Penang. They have started a whispering campaign to send him back to his hometown of Sitiawan and contest a seat in Perak.

Some have suggested that he be fielded against a top Indian leader from Barisan Nasional.