PAS leaders: Apologies won’t save Hasan

While Nik Aziz has accepted Hasan’s apology, many in PAS feel the time is ripe to drop Hasan fro contesting in the next polls.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Party officials say they are sceptical that Hasan Ali’s apologies to PAS’s top leadership will remove the clouds over his bleak future, with some saying the scars are too deep to heal.

According to party’s online mouthpiece Harakah Daily, embattled Hasan had met president Abdul Hadi Awang, PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat and his deputy Haron Din in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, last night in what appeared to be a reconciliation meeting.

However former party deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa, who like Hasan, has his future hanging by the thread after openly attacking the party and accusing it of deviating from its Islamic agenda was not present at the meeting.

The two are also advocating unity with archrivals, Umno, in the name of Islam and Malay brotherhood, something many in PAS consider as blasphemous and impossible.

The Harakah report said Hasan had apologised for his outburst and that the influential Nik Aziz had accepted his apology.

“I am thankful (to God) that Hasan has shown humility in apologising and withdrawing negative statements made against the party.

“It is not easy for someone to admit to a mistake and apologise, thus his actions has touched me. I hope others who have such problems to be open like Hasan,” Nik Aziz was quoted as saying.

But party sources said the reconciliatory tone of the meeting will not undo the damage done by Hasan.

They suggest that this will likely lead to him being dropped from contesting in the upcoming national polls as he would be viewed as a liability to the party.

“The scar is too deep. What Hasan does not realise is he may have charmed his way with the party’s top leadership and they (leaders) may have accepted it but not the party grassroots,” a party source told FMT.