‘PKR will collapse under Azmin’

A pro-Umno blogger predicts doomsday for the opposition party if Azmin Ali becomes the president.

(Free Malaysia Today) – PKR will be doomed once its deputy president Azmin Ali takes over the top post, predicted pro-Umno blogger Anuar Mohd Nor.

In a posting on his blog umno-reform2.com, Anuar said Azmin controlled party supremo Anwar Ibrahim and the latter controlled the former, “so PKR is controlled by Anwar and Azmin”.

He advised Umno not to make any mistakes with regard to attacking PKR or engineering its downfall as the party would self-destruct when Azmin is given the reins.

Citing Batu MP and PKR vice-president Tian Chua, he said: “Once branded as a great reformist who stuck to his principles, he now prostrates before Azmin in worship.”

Anuar also blamed Azmin for Badrul Hisham Shaharin’s defeat for the PKR Youth chief post and the wing’s weakness.

He also claimed that Azmin’s hold on the party was growing and Anwar silences the issue by playing up the reformasi agenda among PKR members to retain their support.