Report based on interview with DCM Dr Ramasamy

(The Star) – The Star stands by the article written based on an interview with Deputy Chief Minister II Dr P. Ramasamy on Dec 21 by our journalist Ian McIntyre.

The interview was arranged and agreed upon by Dr Ramasamy on two counts; one is about allegations of poor governance including about him having an extra-marital affair and secondly, his take on issues confronting the Indian community.

The allegations were made against him by some Indian DAP grassroots activists here.

“As a responsible journalist, I cannot disclose the identity of these activists, as they related their problems to me in good faith and confidence.

“I felt that the interview was necessary as it would give an opportunity for Dr Ramasamy to air his side to the allegations made against him,” said Mcintyre.

The interview took place at Dr Ramasamy’s office located on the 51st floor of Komtar.

Mcintyre said it was a cordial get-together as all of them (including two journalists from Malaysiakini) have interacted with each other in the past on friendly terms.

“When I raised the allegations, Dr Ramasamy responded swiftly, saying he heard about it and there was no truth to them,” Mcintyre said.

He proceeded to outline the allegations made by the grassroots, describing them as senseless.

McIntyre also recalled Dr Ramasamy as saying: “There are only three or four of these grassroots members unless you want to count earth worms as grassroots.”

“I think you would be astounded if I relate to you some of their demands.”

He might not have uttered the word “grand design” but said that some quarters might be conspiring to oust him ever since he was appointed to head the (state) Hindu Endowment Board, said McIntyre.

Dr Ramasamy reiterated a few times throughout the interview that the issue was not about the warlord-godfather squabble with DAP chairman Karpal Singh, but it was mostly on the allegations made against him and on the plight of poor Indians.

The Star would also like to point out that when Dr Ramasamy called on the morning of Dec 23 to clarify some points, it was immediately uploaded onto the online edition which he himself agreed was “fine”.

Dr Ramasamy was quoted in some online portals on Monday as saying that his row with DAP chairman Karpal Singh was due to the reports in The Star.

He denied at a press conference Monday that he ever accused DAP grassroots leaders of being corrupt.