Prophet Muhammad is a Malay (NOT)

The “Malay World” is actually very small. Regardless of Article 153, UMNO can Malay this, and Malay that, and yet, I find it both amusing and sad that they are claiming the “Superiority” of a clan which is actually fast diminishing.

By John Doe

Everyday we hear of someone screaming and shouting about Article 153. Article 153 seems to be the Bane-of-Malaysian-Unity, the Bondage-of-UMNO, and the Brunt-of-Kopitiam-Discussions. Somehow, dress like, speak like, practise customs like, and is Muslim defines a race. Race, race, race, race. That’s all Malaysians are bombarded with all day long. Has Malaysia no “udder” better topics to speak about? Chinese-Indian-Malay this, Chinese-Indian-Malay that. This will be the last time I will discuss this. And once and for all put to rest all this nonsensical cloak-and-dagger discussions.

Before I begin, and this is trained at Pakatan Rakyat – STOP screaming about Tax-Payers’ Money. 90% of Malaysians do NOT care! Why? Because only 10% of the Malaysian Population pays Tax. And those who do NOT pay Tax, do NOT care! The majority of Malaysian Government’s income comes from Oil Money. And to stop UMNO, you have to stop their source of income. This Oil income is circa 45% of Malaysia’s Wealth. Capisce? And why do I bring Oil into the formula? Simple! The Majority of oil comes from Borneo. And in Borneo, there are only 11% Malays in Sabah. And once you deduct the percentage of Melanaus in Sarawak, you are left with about 3% Malays in Sarawak. 


Number one: 

Melanaus are Melanaus. Malays are Malays. Ibans are Ibans. And you will never hear anyone speak about the Teochew race. Since when is a Chinese Muslim a Malay? And since when is a Kerala-boy a Malay?

Number two: 

Konvensyen Dunia Melayu proudly proclaims that the “Malay-World” has a population which includes Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Burma and Vietnam. Sounds dandy. But to the average person, this is confusing. It seems to suggest that all of Thailand, which has a population of circa 60 million is Malay. However, for that to happen, then Konvensyen Dunia Melayu needs to accept that you MUST also accept the definition of a Buddhist Malay in Indochine, Hindu Malay in Bali, and Abangan Malay in Jowo, as well as a Catholic Malay in the Philippines!! Clearly, these countries are as Austronesian (Malay) as the samples found in Malaysia, but they are definitely not Muslim. 

Konvensyen Dunia Melayu needs to trim their numbers down by quite a bit then. Let’s start with some of the Major-slashings. (You do the math yourself.) Approximately 80% of all Javanese are of the Abangan Religion, and Jowo has a population of about 120 Million. Bali is 93% Hindu, Philippines is 87% Catholic, and less than 2% of Thais are Muslim.


And what about Malaysia then?

According to the latest Census, despite all the body-snatching, conversions of Chinese, and Indians for Business Purposes, conversion of Chinese and Indians for Marriage Purposes, plus the deeply encouraged importation of Indonesian Muslims, Project IC of the Philippino Muslims, Southern Thai Muslims, Bangala Muslims, India’s Muslims, Pakistan’s Muslims, heck, even Serbia’s and Palestinian Muslims and the insistence that “Malays” needing to breed 16.3 children per woman, it is perhaps SHOCKING to reveal that the census of Malaysia in the year 2011 proudly announces that:


Malays are (now finally) the largest ethnic group in the country, comprising 50.1 per cent of the 27,484,596 total”
Taken from Here:


Wait a minute!?! ONLY 50.1 PERCENT? Yes. It reads correctly. What happened to the 68% Malay-Muslim the Main-Stream-Media had always advertised, and insisted that we believe?? You mean now, and only now there are 50.1% Malays in Malaysia? Was there a drop in Islamic popularity? An 18% drop is a serious concern, by everyone involved. Regardless, let’s assume that the 50.1% is not faked in any way ….

What if we deducted all the Chinese Muslims, all the Indian Muslims, and all the “dan lain-lain Muslims”, what percentage would we end up with? 30%? Less? (Yea, yea, we all know guys like Abdullah Tee, Mahathir, and his koncho-koncho are called “Malay” because of Article 153.) What if we also deducted all the Malays who have been successfully proselytized? Yea, all those closet Hindu Malays, and Buddhist Malays, Catholic & Christian Malays, Jewish Malays, Hare Krishna Malays, Bahai Malays, Mahakari Malays Zoroastrian Malays and Atheist Malays …. What numbers then would we have? 20%? Less?

What was it ten years ago? What was it 30 years ago, and what was it half a century ago?

Who is a Malay? 

A 1974 document issued to the United Nations by the Government of Malaysia, prepared by DOROTHY Z. FERNANDEZ, AMOS  H. HAWLEY, SILVIA PREDAZA, defines “Malay” as:

“… Malay: Malay, Indonesian, Negrito, Jakun, Semai, Semdai,Temiar, Other Orang Asli and Other Malay(s)…”

Hold on a second … A Negrito, Jakun, Semai, Semdai,Temiar, Other Orang Asli are Muslim? What happened to Article 153?


Also, why is every Indonesian on Malaysian soil considered a “Malay”? There is also no mention of the word Bumiputra in that Document at all. Mind you that this was prepared in 1974, and Article 153 was already almost twenty years old!!

What is interesting to note is a particular paragraph which reads like this, and I quote verbatim:

“…There was also an immigration of Malays from the neighboring islands, particularly from Java and Sumatra, to work on the rubber estates. It is not possible to trace their numbers through the early years. Attempts were made to identify “Malays and Other Natives of the Archipelego” in the enumerations of 1891 and 1911, but the ease of assimilation of Malay migrants from Indonesia made the counts very unreliable…”


What then is all this nonsense about “Malays” NOT being “pendatangs” and all?

Read again the above. It clearly and plainly states “immigration of Malays from neighboring Islands, particularly Java and Sumatra…” 


If this sentence does not define “Pendatang Malay”, then I don’t know what does!!! I must remind you that this is indeed a Malaysian Government Official Document, prepared for the United Nations.

What is significant in this document, is that on page 16, it gives a breakdown of the races. Including all the (in their own words) “Pendatangs”.

The “Malay” Population in Malaysia totaled 3,125,474, the Chinese 2,333,756, and the Indians 696,186. It is strange that there was no “dan lain-lain” category. As if they did not exist at all. The total population in this table is drafted at 6,278.758. And thus, we can deduce that if we added 3,125,474 (Malay) to 2,333,756(Chinese) and 696,186(Indian), and subtracted this number from the grand total of 6,278.758, we would have the numbers for the “dan lain-lain” category, which amounts to 123,342. However, when one divides 3,125,474 (including Indonesians, Orang Asli’s, Sabahans, and Sarawakians etc etc) by the total population of 6,278.758, then you would hit an astonishing figure of 49.778539%.

Hold on a minute now. You mean that despite all those inclusions of “Pendatang Indonesians” and Sabahans, and Sarawakians (they are classified as the “other Malays”) and just about everyone else, the total “Malay” population in 1974, in percentage terms was only 49.778539% ? Anyone else can see the number-manipulations which has been going on now right under your noses?

The full document in PDF form can be downloaded here:
(Yes, it was typed with a typewriter. Clickety-clack, smudges and all)

Number Three:

DNA, according to Prof Zilfalil Alwi, defines “Malay” as an admixture of multiple races with 52% coming from Chinese DNA, and the rest, from Indians, amongst others. The long and short of it, a term which most Malaysians endear, “Chindian”. Another theory presented by Professor Zilfalil was that early Malays could also be Indian priests who came to the Malay peninsula to spread Hinduism. Sejarah Melayu fortifies this when it recorded that the first Kings of Malaya were indeed of the Keling stock, which I wrote about here, titled “Parameswara is a certified Singaporean Keling – Not a Joke”
You can read the full piece here:



On Dec 23rd 2011, on USM’s own website, they presented this again
Read it yourself from the horse’s own mouth here:


I will call your attention however, to one of Prof Zilfalil Alwi’s own statements, and that is “…From his presentation, the ‘Indianisation’ of the Malay peninsula was described in early Chinese accounts, where there was a Hindu kingdom…”, and the only thing which I want to stress, is that they are called “Chinese Records” because the Chinese were already in Geographical Malaya. And being a Hindu certainly does NOT make one an Indian!! Race and Religion do NOT correlate. Country borders and religion does have a correlation though, and that is something else to think about.

Number Four:

Why is it that once a Chinese or an Indian converts to Islam, they have to change their name(s) to an Arabic one, and inadvertently put Abdullah as your father’s name?

Perhaps Malay Muslims have never heard or come across Hui Liangyu (China vice premier) and Sania Mirza (tennis player). Their names never resembled anything Arabic but they are well-known Muslims. This includes Yvonne Redley (a reporter once detained by Taliban), Nicolas Anelka and Frank Ribery (both footballers) are still proud to be called by their original name despite their conversion to Islam. It is important to note that none carry the “bin Abdullah” suffix.

Many become Muslims when they want to marry a Muslim while others convert to Islam as a means of tapping in to the social and economic benefits that Muslims enjoy. This is certainly an excellent way to promote one’s religion.

Number Five:

The Baju Melayu is NOT Muslim clothing. Neither is the Songkok. I guarantee you that neither the Prophet Muhammad, nor any of his 10,000 Soldiers wore the Baju Melayu. Unless of course, someone from UMNO tells you that Prophet Muhammad was a Malay!! The Songkok clearly comes from the Bataks of Medan, who in turn were either inspired or (more likely) copied it from Nehru in India. The Kopiah, on the other hand, is as Jewish as it is Islamic. (Google “Religious Skullcap” yourself.) The Jewish word for it is “kippah”. For those who do not know, the French government banned the wearing of kippot, hijabs and large crosses in public primary and secondary schools in France in March 2004. Contrary to what you were told, the French were NOT only banning the Hijab. In fact, one could proudly wear the baju Melayu in France and no one gives a hoot, because it is NOT Muslim clothing, and is not recognised as so.

Number Six:

The 20-point agreement and the (now erased) 18-point agreement between the Federation and Borneo can be read here:

How many of these have been violated? Anyone been to Kuching would note that the street-signs are all in English (most of them anyway.).

I want to point your attention to 

Point 12: Special position of indigenous races

“In principle the indigenous races of North Borneo should enjoy special rights analogous to those enjoyed by Malays in Malaya, “

This in essence means that there is absolutely no need for conversion to any religion other than their own to enjoy the same details of Article 153. Failure to comply with this probably allows for both Sabah and Sarawak to “un-join” themselves like what happened to Singapore.

Although, this remains the prerogative of the future “Republic of Borneo” citizens to decide. That is the true trademark of Democracy. Decision by the people, and not decision by the Dictators, and this is perhaps the best explanation of what is happening around the world. Regime after Regime is collapsing one by one. Perhaps the UN would welcome the “Republic of Borneo” as its 197th country after Sudan (North and South?) Borneo certainly has the resources to do so, and if they exercised “skill procurement” like Singapore, they can continue to “brain-drain” the peninsular of her top Academics, and trained professionals. The Oil wells will certainly carry her through the year 2030, especially with Rigs like “Kiki” being one of the top producers beating the combined wealth of all of Miri’s oil rigs (but that’s another story).


I’m also pretty sure that Pakatan Rakyat would assist you in gaining this independence, as their assurances of fairness to all, based on their Championing of Human RIghts, Voice-of-the-People Battle-Cry and so on would be happy to grant you this, if you collaborated with them before the coming 13th General Elections. After all, it’s a win-win situation. Pakatan gets to defeat UMNO, and the “Republic of Borneo” is born. What a fantastic photo-finish!! No longer will Penans have to be raped, no longer will Taib be robbing Sarawak, and Bruno Manser’s body may finally be found after all these years. For West Malaysians, it makes no difference to you at all. Most of you have never been there anyway, and even if you did today, you still need to show either your Passport (before) or show your MyKad (aka IC).

So, in addressing Abraham-son-of-Ali’s statement about Article 153 and the church, and it’s relevance to May 13th, what is the relationship? Are you telling everyone that Perkasa would launch another May 13th if “dan lain-lains” start to debate Article 153?

As shown above, the Borneo people have been denied their Bornean Article 12 Rights. Are you defending the Bornean Article 12 as well? Was Article 153 written by Prophet Muhammad? Is Article 153 called a Hadith? The Koran? Is this man-made document so “Holy” that it cannot be changed?

I know for a fact the Malaysian Constipation has already been changed almost 600 times since 1957. With the “most significant change” pertaining to the de-clawing of the Sultans. Proselytizing of Muslims? You want evidence? Sure, I’ll give you evidence. Just read here:


(A kid with internet access would have found these easily):


and here:

Go ahead. The evidence is clear. Arrest them! Hang them, stone them, or decapitate them. Show the world that Malaysia is indeed NOT the moderate Muslim country which she pretends to be!! And all because of a few over-zealous individuals who pretend to be “Holier-than-Thou” whilst digging their hands into the wealth of the country, and robbing it blind!

What happened to Article 11 of the Federal Constipation? Did Abraham-son-of-Ali erase it? Did he also erase Sarawak’s 18-point agreement? It’s certainly contained within the same Constipation which he screams and rants about (while saying three times on Al Jazeera as well). So where does that leave us?


The truth of the matter is, the “Malay World” is actually very small. Regardless of Article 153, UMNO can Malay this, and Malay that, and yet, I find it both amusing and sad that they are claiming the “Superiority” of a clan which is actually fast diminishing. Javanese are now called Melayu, Bugis are now called Melayu, Acehnese are now called Melayu, Minangs are called Melayu and even Southern Thais, and Southern Philippinos are called Melayu. What exactly is so important about being a Melayu which warrants the attack on the Nons?

Prophet Muhammad was certainly NOT a Malay, and hence, the “Ketuanan Melayu” is pure bollocks. Who are you trying to impress? Article 153 is man-made, man-written, and man-changeable. Who knows if we continue to let UMNO Dictate the future of Malaysia, one day, UMNO might declare that Allah is a Malay??