Will there be a change of government post GE 13?


Has anyone wondered what will the scene be like if UMNO/BN were to be defeated in the 13th GE? Will there be an orderly changeover of government or are we expecting otherwise; a state of calamity, instability, chaos and public disorder? These are the concerns that I am beginning to have, and I suppose many like-minded and peace loving citizens would feel apprehensive, more so with the revelation of more of UMNO/BN leader’s wrong doing, and the persistent war mongering by Malay NGO’s; fearful of the loss of ‘ketuanan Melayu’ and their self proclaimed inalienable rights and privileges.

Awang Selamat of Utusan Malaysia must have crystal gazed and has predicted an uncertain political, social and economic environment will envelop this country should PR reign after the 13th GE. But what Awang Selamat did not do is to crystal gazed his own future and that of Utusan Malaysia, should there be a change of government. I think he believes it is only UMNO/BN that has the right to rule this country, regardless of the unstoppable and endemic corruption that is going on among politicians and government officials, the flight of illicit money out of the country that runs into billions, the phenomenal increase in deficit spending that has reached almost half a trillion that could bankrupt the country, and the ease at which the government seems to be flushing money for projects that is likely to end up in failure – PKFZ and NFC are cases in point. Just watch, the act of flushing money will heighten as the general election draws near. My kampong folks are only waiting for the roads and lanes to be resurfaced and possibly lighted up.

Someone commented to me recently that every government project would end up in failure if the hands of politicians and cronies are deep in it. Let’s watch the outcome of the proposed listing of Felda Global Venture; supposedly to generate a windfall for the Felda settlers; masterminded by the infamous, Isa Samad. I do not know what is there in him that had softened up PM Najib to appoint him Felda’s Chairman. I suppose Isa Samad’s past record of being barred from UMNO after being found guilty of money politics qualifies him to the Chairmanship of Felda. What about the Chairman of Felcra then? You know who is he? I think he is one of those porn CD peddlers.

This nation of ours has not experience a changeover of government following a legitimate and democratically held election. If the takeover of the states of Pulau Pinang, Selangor, Kedah and Perak following the 2008 general election can be cited as an example, than we can be rest assured that there will be some semblance of an orderly changeover. But my fear is that this involves a changeover of government for the entire nation where there is likelihood that some states aren’t quite ready to handover for a prescribed reason. It is not easy to hand over power to someone else after more than five decades of continuous rule, and knowing that the loss would badly affect the livelihood i.e. income, businesses and privileges of many who are already well entrenched in their comfort zone.