Mustafa Ali denies Hasan Ali’s claims

(Bernama) — PAS secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali today denied the party’s Gombak assemblyman Datuk Dr Hasan Ali’s claims that PAS was losing grassroots support because it had deviated from its original struggle of championing Islam.

However, he did not deny the possibility that fence sitters might have doubts as to where PAS was heading.

Speaking to reporters here today, Mustafa said PAS’ main policy of championing Islam remained intact and that its members understood this.

“Islam is PAS’ main struggle and this has never changed. It is only the strategies and approach that have changed. PAS’ collaboration with other parties is not wrong, the policy remains the same but the approach is different,” he said.

On Tuesday, Hasan, who is also a Selangor state executive councillor, had said that he had proof that die-hard PAS supporters were beginning to question the party’s struggle and planned to stop backing PAS because it had deviated from its original struggle.

In KOTA BHARU, Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, who is also PAS’ spiritual leader, also denied that the “welfare state” concept now championed by PAS deviated from Islam.

Hasan had also claimed PAS was deviating from championing Islam by introducing the welfare state concept.

Nik Aziz said the concept only served to further reinforce its Islamic struggle.