PAS rubbishes claim of DAP eyeing Selangor MB post

(Harakah Daily) – PAS and DAP have hit out at their opponents for claiming that DAP was eyeing the Menteri Besar’s post in Selangor should Pakatan Rakyat be returned to power in the state in the coming polls.

At a press conference, Selangor PAS commissioner Dr Abdul Rani Osman, his deputy Khalid Samad and state DAP chairman Teresa Kok dismissed the allegation as another of UMNO’s scare tactics among the Malay electorate.

“The question of Selangor Menteri Besar’s post does not arise as we are all satisfied with Khalid Ibrahim’s performance and there is no plan to replace him.

“We are confident that through our cooperation and support for each other which we have shown so far, Selangor’s performance will improve, not the other way,” said Rani, who is also Meru state assemblyman.

Saying no one in PR had brought up the matter, Rani called on UMNO to “stop spreading lies”.

Rani added that it was unfortunate that DAP, despite being a multi racial party, had been portrayed by UMNO as an anti-Malay party.

As such, he noted that DAP, eager to prove such allegations as false, had proposed to PR that it field candidates in Malay majority constituencies in Selangor.

“I hope the people can be protected from UMNO’s racial political game,” he added.

Meanwhile, PR Selangor announced that seats allocation would remain the same, with DAP contesting 15 seats, PKR 21 and PAS 20.