Political frogs thriving within BN, claims Mawan

The Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party president claims there are mischievous hands at work within his party.

(Free Malaysia Today) – The turmoil within Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) has not ebbed and its president William Mawan’s confession that “political frogs” are “thriving within BN” has further fuelled speculations of covert hands stirring discord within the party.

A jittery Mawan, under pressure to keep his party intact, said: “Their (political frogs’) presence is worrying because they are thriving within the BN fold. It is difficult for me to contain it.”

Mawan did not name the new breed of ‘political frogs’ but it is obvious he was referring to some leaders and supporters of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) which is led by senior state minister, James Masing.

There is no love lost between Mawan and Masing. Both are fighting to win over the confidence of the Dayak community.

Mawan said that these “political frogs” seemed to have dual personalities.

“They would support Barisan Nasional (BN) during the parliamentary election, but would fight against the ruling coalition during the state election.

“I stumbled upon them during the April 10 state election when known supporters of the BN candidate in Julau turned against me.

“I do not know what kind of political ideology these individuals are upholding nor do I know how to deal with them,” he told his supporters at Rumah Tuat Bunya in Nanga Wak, Pakan

Mawan snubbed leaders

During the state polls, Mawan was challenged by a Sarawak National Party (SNAP) candidate Jamal Abdullah @ Tedong Ak Gunda.

Jamal was the only candidate, out of 26 SNAP candidates, who did not lose his deposit. Jamal secured 2,741 votes against Mawan’s 3,938.

Had Jamal the financial resources and a properly organised campaign, he may have caused an upset in this SPDP stronghold.

Mawan, it is learnt, had snubbed many PRS leaders in his bid to stay in power.

One of them is allegedly Julau MP Joseph Salang Gandum.

Mawan allegedly ignored Salang during the April state election.

The Pakan and Meluan state seats which are controlled by SPDP are within the Julau constituency.

Salang, who is Information, Communication and Heritage Deputy Minister, is tipped to defend his seat in the coming general election.

Like in the 2008 parliamentary election when Mawan and his supporters did not campaign for Salang, it is very likely they will not campaign for him in the next general election.