PM, DPM’s aides accused of taking kickbacks

The two aides and a deputy minister were named in an anonymous blog claiming to have evidence of their involvement in corruption.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Allegations of corruption against top government officials, including two aides linked to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin, have surfaced in an anonymous blog.

Written by one “TheWhistleblower711”, the blog claims to have evidence – in the form of documents and informants – to also implicate a deputy minister of improper conduct.

The blog has so far named three government officials whom the author claimed have been “bought” by one businessman for the purpose of obtaining contracts from the federal government and its agencies.

The author claimed that the businessman, whom he identified as a managing director of two companies and who is also an Umno leader in Johor, had been channellling several thousands of “monthly contributions” to the government officials.

Proof of these contributions was published in the blog in the form of scans of several cash deposit slips, together with serial numbers. These were alleged to be the personal accounts of the
government officials.

The two aides were described by TheWhistleblower711 as “highly-placed, influential” government officials who have “full access” to the nation’s top leadership.

Najib’s aide, TheWhistleblower711 claimed, had been receiving monthly contributions of RM5,000 from the businessman amounting to RM170,000 as of May 2011. The contributions had allegedly started since August 2008.

The author claimed that the modus operandi of the businessman was to issue and cash out the cheques at a well-known bank. Then a deposit, of either a partial or full amount, would be put into the personal accounts of the government officials. (However, the cheques were never “physically” cashed out but contra with the deposit.)

As for Muhyiddin’s aide, the author said he had been receiving RM10,000 monthly contributions since February, 2010. The amount added up to RM160,000 as of May 2011.

Tip of the iceberg

For the deputy minister, TheWhistleblower711 claimed that the politician, who is also a senator, had been receiving contributions of RM10,000 since January 2011, from the same individual.

TheWhistleblower711 claimed that the businessman had obtained contracts for the maintenance of two federal government buildings in Johor and a few days later, a sum of RM80,000, which was issued by the businessman’s company in the form of two cheques, was contra with a deposit to the deputy minister’s personal account.

The author asked: “If these deposits are legit, why would the cheques be ‘cashed out’ and then contra with a deposit to the receivers’ account? What are the roles played by these two government officials…for them to receive monthly salary…?”