Najib to counter online ‘slander, false news’ with 1 Malaysia TV

(The Malaysian Insider) – Datuk Seri Najib Razak today unveiled his administration’s first internet protocol television site, saying that the move would enable the government to disseminate information to Malaysians in “real-time.”

Speaking at a glitzy launch, the prime minister said “1 Malaysia TV” would allow “speedy” and “accurate” information to be disseminated to the public.

He acknowledged that there was currently an information “vacuum” with regards to news and current issues related to the country, causing Malaysians to turn to “other sources” online to gain access to said information.

“We do not have a choice. We have to disseminate fast and accurate information to the rakyat.

“When there is a vacuum, that vacuum is filled with (information through) other sources, sometimes it is mixed with fairytales, false news and slander,” Najib said.

He said that everyone, including politicians, needed to start using social media to interact with their fellow Malaysians, and that he has made it a point to meet up with his Facebook friends once every few months.