Don’t forget they cheered Chamberlain’s ‘victory’ too

Poor old Archbishop Rowan Williams doesn’t really matter much. This is because he’s a rather dull mainstream leftist, who talks about politics when he ought to be urging our neo-pagan country to return to Christianity. At the moment we’re more interested in shoes and booze than we are in God.

By Peter Hitchens, Mail Online

Sometimes whole countries can get things utterly wrong. This is usually because they prefer soft dreams to the raw truth.

We all know now that Neville Chamberlain made a huge fool of himself when he came back from Munich in September 1938 claiming to have won ‘peace for our time’ and ‘peace with honour’, and waving a worthless piece of paper in which Hitler promised that Britain and Germany would never go to war again.

But look at the newspapers of the time and you will find almost all of them crammed with sickly praise for Mr Chamberlain. He was invited on to the balcony of Buckingham Palace by King George VI and was there cheered by a gigantic crowd, many of whom would die in the war that followed.

Taken in: Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain thought he had Hitler under control

Taken in: Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain thought he had Hitler under control

They should have booed him – not because of what he had done but because he was fool enough to think that Hitler could be trusted. They applauded him because they did not want to be bothered by the boring details of European politics, and preferred to think that he had in fact bought peace.

Something similar is happening to us. Many people who should know better are still cheering David Cameron for his supposed mighty veto in Brussels on December 9.

They are doing this because they passionately want it to be true. They want Mr Cameron to be a patriotic conservative. But he isn’t.

They want Britain to stand up to the EU. But it hasn’t.

Mr Cameron did not in fact use the British veto. There was no treaty to veto. France and Germany were quite happy to get what they wanted by other means – France positively wanted to do so, and Jean-David Levitte, a senior aide of President Sarkozy, has described Mr Cameron’s action as a ‘blessing’.

They were happier still to let Mr Cameron take the blame on the Continent – and the credit among his gullible and simple-minded ‘Eurosceptic’ backbenchers, who really oughtn’t to be allowed out on their own if they are this easy to swindle.

Nor did Mr Cameron save the City of London.

The French, who have never forgiven us either for Trafalgar or for not surrendering in 1940, are still determined to destroy the City. And they can do so – as long as we are idiotic enough to stay in their power by belonging to the EU.

They can and will do this through ‘Qualified Majority Voting’, under which Britain does not have a veto. Wishful thinking on this scale may not lead to war, as it did in 1938. But it will not help us get out of the EU, or protect us from those who pretend to be our partners, but are in fact our rivals.

Stop cheering. Start booing.