Act against Hadi and not Hasan

Kelantan opposition leader says PAS president and other leaders were the ones involved in Malay unity talks with Umno.

(Free Malaysia Today) – PAS should not be taking action against its former Selangor commissioner Dr Hasan Ali instead they should go against party president Abdul Hadi and other leaders.

Kelantan opposition leader Alwi Md Che Ahmad said Abdul Hadi Awang, former deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa and vice-president Sallehuddin Ayub were the ones who started the PAS-Umno Malay unity talks.

Alwi who was the political secretary to former premier Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, revealed that Hadi led a small party delegation to meet Abdullah at  Seri Perdana.

“It happened in late 2008 before Abdullah (Pak Lah) had stepped down as prime minister and Umno president. It was a frank discussion about Malay Unity and Abdul Hadi had even (tried) to persuade Pak Lah to stay on as the nation’s leader,” Alwi said in an interview.

He remembered that Hadi and Nasharudin were present while Sallehuddin liased with him on arranging the meeting.

“Hasan was nowhere near Seri Perdana. Now, PAS is asking him to quit the party when he apparently talked  about Malay Unity.

PAS is showing its true colours as a hypocrite and as an opportunist. They should act against Hadi instead,” he said.

He said the issue of Malay Unity had dragged on since 1999 when it was first conceptualized.

In 2004, when PAS was almost wiped out in the general election, the Islamist party had then seemed more than eager to pursue this form of centralised-politics.

Later after 2008, PAS had outright rejected the notion of unity as it performed remarkably well in that year’s election.

Now, the issue has cropped again after Hasan made the remarks after it was recently reported that he would no longer be fielded as a PAS candidate.