Boo Chang under fire on plan to rejoin Gerakan

(Bernama) – A Penang Gerakan leader has rapped former PKR Bukit Gelugur division chief Lim Boo Chang for intending to rejoin Gerakan.

Penang Gerakan Legal and Human Rights Bureau head Baljit Singh said Lim should not be allowed to rejoin as he had previously left Gerakan and joined other parties.

“Why does he want to rejoin Gerakan?,” he asked on Friday

Speaking to reporters, Baljit said Lim had betrayed the party (Gerakan) by joining MCA in 1999, adding that at that time, Gerakan almost lost the chief minister’s post because of his action.

“I will sincerely hand over the legal bureau to him, if he is accepted again. I will not betray the party like him.

“I will ask for the creation of a landscape bureau where I will build many ponds for tadpoles and frogs. To all frogs, welcome to Gerakan,” he said.

After announcing he was leaving PKR and quitting his Penang municipal councillor post on Wednesday, Lim had on Thursday submitted a form to join Gerakan.