‘It won’t be Anwar at Istana gates’

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim may have underestimated the technicalities of forming a new government post 13th GE.

When push comes to shove, everyone must be realist. Can a person who will probably be in jail become a PM? Can a person with an image problem be PM? We will be defending a person who is stung by accusations of all sorts of moral depravities all of which suggests moral weaknesses.

Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz, Free Malaysia Today

In about two months’ time Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim may perhaps be a special guest to the government.

So post 13th general election, he may not be there jumping up and down outside the Istana Negara gates.

It won’t be him, but another trusted person who waves the paper that contains the list of MPs who back him (Anwar) as their prime minister.

Anwar will insist, the choice of PM can be done this way, since precedence has been created in Perak.

The MPs whose names are in the list waved are also at the gates. They would have all travelled in buses provided free by businessmen eager to ingratiate themselves to the new rulers of Malaysia.

But that person who probably has no stature and standing at the Palace gates is refused entry.

Because inside in audience with the King is the Attorney-General. The AG, in the presence of the Chief Secretary of the government informs the King that the test of support of the majority of MPs must be done in a parliamentary sitting.

So, Anwar’s paper with the list of MPs is useless unless parliament sits.

The Agong for the first time will be truly tested. The country cannot afford to not have a constitutionally established government.

Humbling reality

The Agong will need to use his discretion to decide, who he and his brother rulers regard as the person who has the credibility and support to form the next government.

The interest of the country now overrides anything else. He will only see the person whom he thinks command all round respect.

Anwar may have underestimated the technicalities of forming a new government.

He can’t bulldoze his way around and do an Arab Spring or a series of street demonstrations.

He must now realize, his earthly salvation lies in the hands of other people.

The big 3 – PKR, PAS and DAP – must direct themselves to this possibly.

They must collectively address the issue who is their collective leader, the person with the stature, the experience and who possesses sufficient credibility to become Pakatan’s leader.

Anwar and PKR must acknowledge the bigger picture. His salvation may indeed depend on this humbling reality.