Utusan: PAS just a wing of DAP, selling out Islam

(The Malaysian Insider) – Umno’s Utusan Malaysia continued to attack PAS today, calling it a wing of DAP for bowing to political pressure from its allies in Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

“I am disappointed because never before in history has PAS been seen as such a coward. Islamic principles and integrity have been pawned. The party will not change because it is like a wing of DAP.

“Islamic society has long been disappointed and has sent a clear message to PAS, although it has been ignored,” wrote Awang Selamat, a pseudonym for the newspaper’s editors.

The Malay-language daily pointed out that although the party has been fighting to implement hudud laws, it has since come out to say that it will not include the controversial Islamic laws in the PR manifesto for the 13th General Elections.

“If they are afraid to include the issue in the manifesto, they might as well cover their faces with a paper bag. The party is an embarrassment to its members and supporters,” Awang said in his column published in the paper’s Sunday edition Mingguan Malaysia.

The newspaper also said that while pandering to DAP, PAS has become the victim, referring to DAP’s plan to field its own Malay candidates in Malay-majority areas.

“In other words, DAP does not respect PAS and more than that, does not believe in PAS’ ability to attract Malay majority votes. PAS’ strategy will backfire,” said Awang.

He also claimed that because of pressure from its allies, PKR and DAP, PAS dropped the fight for an Islamic country, replacing it with its Negara Berkebajikan (Benevolent State) policy.